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I was talking to DS in Korea the other day and his job is very similar to any other job. He's guarding the DMZ with 4 tanks. He's supposed to have 16 employees underneath him, but 10 have gone home. Now, the problem is...they haven't sent him the new 10 employees to replace the ones who left. So, the tanks are short employees in them. Just like the office, huh? LOL DS said he'll try to get some peers to stop in and leave messages for us all to read when they have a chance. DS sends his wishes and thanks for all of the prayers.

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Well that's just "lovely" Loggie....Let's pray those extra hands are'nt needed!


Maybe that's a good sign and Nathaniel will get to come home soon toooooooooooo?? Wouldn't that be Awesome? ....I BITE at writing letters!)



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HAHAHAHAHA... Debbielee. He forgave you a long time ago.

He did say that his new people are on their way. So, it's really not as bad as it first sounds. I think it just threw him off being that this was the first time it had happened. But it seems like a typical workplace type of thing.

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