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Try as I might there is no privacy in this camp. I enter my tent and close the flap. While in this perceived privacy I take off my jeans, t-shirt, socks, and underwear. I put on my tankini.


Already I have heated water cooling in my bucket. I've asked a few friends to watch the door for me. There were some people noticing I was getting ready for a bath. I don't want or need Peeping Toms focused on me! Hopefully they have forgotten since I put the bucket of hot water in my tent 15-20 minutes ago. It was BOILING HOT!


The heat of the water was finally tolerable. I grabbed my wash cloth in my left hand and the soap bar in my right hand. I wrapped the towel around the soap and dunked them both in the water. I lathered the towel both in and out of the water. I then put the towel down on a nearby folding chair. I picked up the clean spray bottle and filled it with water. I twisted the cap closed and started to spray out. Nothing came out. I looked at the nozzle and noticed it was closed. I turned the nozzle three times, testing to see if it was finally on. On the third twist it finally turned on.


I sprayed the water on my arms and chest. Putting down the spray bottle I picked up my lathered wash cloth. I lathered first my left arm, then my chest with my right hand. I transferred the cloth to my left hand and lathered my right arm. I make sure to lather my armpits aggressively. I pick up my spray bottle, again and sprayed my back.


Quickly I lathered my back. I could hear the voices of men talking boisterously outside in the next camps. The ladies outside continued to talk amongst themselves. Their voices a comfort to me. I take the spray bottle and quickly sprayed both legs and thighs as well as groin. Hurriedly I wash the left thigh, then the right thigh. I can hear the voices getting closer now.


I quickly wash my groin front to back. I rinse out my wash cloth and use it and the spray bottle to rinse off the lather. It takes many applications of dunking the wash cloth in the bucket and passing it over my body. It works fine on the legs. For the groin I simply decide to pour water over the groin area.


The men are now in front of the tent. They are boisterous and rude. Expeditiously I grab my selected clean clothes already set aside and put them on over damp skin. The clean t-shirt only bunched up at the neck and shoulders when I put them on. The pants bunched up at the legs and thighs. PHEW! Not easy when you're rushed!.


I walk out fully dressed leaving the men slack jawed. They backed away realizing there was no longer a peep show readily available.


Of course maybe the gun in my holster and the pepper spray from the ladies might have discouraged them as well.


By M. Riley. That's me.

This is from my blog www.mycrappynovel.blogspot.com

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