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2 Problems, Post view error messages and Photobucket ( siggy postings)

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I have waited the ten seconds several times as I attempted to get the newest posts to show up. Today, that just ain't happening!


Could one of you wonderfully gifted, techie skilled personages change things so we can have a link to open up the day, week, two week, month list to open when this sort of thing happens. I find it would be time saving for members trying to access all the posts, and would be easier, IMHO. Thankyou for your consideration!!!


The second problem is that even if they could certainly tell you made up a jpeg or gif, like on the Paint program, which I did last night, to replace the nice Harvest time siggy that Leah made up for me, evidently also using a pic from photobucket many months ago, that Photobucket is on a rampage and is NOW a NON SOURCE for doing the IMG postings for siggies, although they haven't nailed the shoutbox yet.

This makes me angry, because , even if it was quickly done and a bit shabby...... I can not even use my own creations that I made up myself! I was planning on making up as nice a one as I could create on my little Windows Paint program, a bit of art as I learn to use Paint better.....


I would like to be able to just use Paint or some other program and learn to make it an IMG format if someone could teach me how, then I could do my very own, no worry over copyright at all..... but the last siggy I made last night was truly all my own and that makes me upset that Photobucket just swiped it off of here! ( I had put a copyright on it too, so they could see it!)


Also, does this affect the collections of avatars Cat and others have posted on the site here?


This is a real dilemma that may be affecting alot of us now. :0327:


What can be done to fix this? :blink:

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Arby you may want to check out your Photobucket account settings and set your album to private then try uploading your graphic again.

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I may have found it.


Why were my linked images deactivated? *NEW*


If you do not log into your Free account within a 90-day period (three months), Photobucket deactivates your linked images on other websites. These linked images will be reactivated when you log into your account.



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