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  1. I'll grab 3 or 4 packs of turkey, honey ham or roast beef if I see it marked down and freeze them. I also freeze pepperoni and hard salami. I haven't noticed any major difference in quality when thawed.
  2. I have a separate account for private things. Real name for family and some friends, other name for religious and personal life. I'm 46 but there are still things mom doesn't need to know. It's nothing xrated or wild it's just private and having family privy to those things would make me uncomfortable.
  3. FoodSaver V2222 Vacuum Kit $24 Shipped, Reg 79.99 Through Brad's Deals http://www.bradsdeal...ped-p60528.html Mine came out to $25.98 with the tax added in. It includes the hose but not the caps for dry sealing canning jars.
  4. Here we have low cost spay/neuter clinic that will fix them, give them shots and clip one of the ears for free if you bring in a feral in a humane trap. The clipped ear is to indicate that the feral has been fixed and returned to the wild, it's supposed to keep the same cats from being trapped and taken to the clinic over and over.
  5. I watched the videos. The Bosch is really slick, I especially like the big opening on top to add in ingredients.
  6. You can do the same thing with a stand mixer, once the dough wraps around the hook it's all done but the risin', shaping and bakin'. No hand kneading required.
  7. I don't have a Bosch but I recently did a lot of research on mixers. There are a lot of complaints about the Kitchenaid not being able to handle bread dough, it tends to burn out the motor in a short amount of time. Many people did like the Bosch or Electrolux mixers but like you said they're pricey. I ended up getting a Cuisinart, it got good reviews from bread makers and is comparable in price to a Kitchenaid, a little less even depending on the model. http://www.amazon.co...46&sr=8-1-spell Cooks Illustrated did a review of stand mixers in 2008: http://www.cooksillu..
  8. Cracker Candy http://whippedout.com/2009/12/09/easy-chri...-cracker-candy/
  9. My mom would take goodies for the guys she worked with every year. We made a couple different bundt cakes that could be sliced and arranged on a tray. She'd make a huge batch of bourbon balls and we'd do chocolate and peanut butter fudge. Those can be packed into containers. Peanut butter fudge always seems to be big hit. Another thing that is simple to make in large batches and travels well is cracker candy.
  10. Kroger often has store brand peanut butter and Wolf's chili on sale 10 for 10. Even the no bean chili. I usually grab 5 or so of each kind. That's usually more than we'll use until the next sale rolls around, so I have a growing stock pile of those. I also haunt the blemished fruit and veggie racks and bargain bins. I can or dehydrate the fruits/veggies and I've gotten a lot of staples from the bargain bins, King Aurthur flour, Red Mill corn meal and the other day I got a bag of brown sugar for .50 and before that 25 lbs of AP flour (store brand) for 1/2 price.
  11. I've been using some Tattler lids and I really like them. I've reused some of them 3-4 times now and they're still working like a charm. They are BPA free. I've only been using them for about 4 months but on the Tattler website there's at least one person who says they've been using the same lids and rings since the 70's.
  12. You can make it by adding buttermilk to cream and letting it rest at room temperature overnight. You can also make your own buttermilk by adding store bought cultured buttermilk to regular milk and letting it culture over night. That way you can keep a chain going. http://www.ehow.com/how_5785283_make-homem...sour-cream.html http://www.foodiewithfamily.com/blog/2010/...red-buttermilk/
  13. Potato leek soup! I didn't have a spring garden this year I decided to wait until fall, yesterday I built some raised beds and I have cabbage and onions to set out. I'll also plant some carrots and beets and I still have time for some beans.
  14. Russian Tea - 1/2 OJ, 1/2 black tea (prepared), sugar. You can add spices too. Drink hot or cold. Mmmm
  15. I too have a bread machine. I bought it at a thrift store for$10. I'm sure it's paid for itself many times over by now. Yesterday I made bagels! I had tried making bread by hand and it always came out like a nicely browned brick. Now that I know what good dough is supposed look and feel like I'm pretty sure I could do it by hand but I really like being able to throw everything in the pan and walking away for 2 hours and do something else, come back, shape into whatever I want and pop it in the oven. Lazy bread machine lover here
  16. I believe you can use English cucumbers for relishes and bread and butter pickles although they may be a little bit softer than with pickling cukes.
  17. I buy dill in the produce section where they have the fresh herbs, it usually comes in a little plastic box. It's not the same kind of dill as shown above but it tastes the same. I believe it's called fernleaf dill. http://www.mckenzieseeds.com/products.aspx?productID=101277 You can dry dill like other herbs. I use dried dill in potato salad and potato pancakes. You can use dried dill in pickling too.
  18. I think it makes the liquid cloudy but it doesn't harm the food. It just might not look very appealing. I dinged out and did that with some pickles last year even though I had tons of pickling salt. The pickles were very cloudy and even though they tasted fine I ended up dumping them because no one would eat them. My mom said she was scared of them
  19. 4 qts applesauce and 6 half-pints peach jam.
  20. I've known people who have a basement dug and set their mobile on top. You might look into that if you think you may be in one permanently. That is if you want a basement.
  21. Welcome Sarah and thank you, that's very interesting. Are there many poisonings from things like sourdough? How about canning? I ask because we often here things like "the Amish do it this way and they don't get sick" but maybe we just don't hear about it.
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