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  1. While ours backs were turned and we were dealing with other vegetables... the green beans have run amuck ! ! I was wondering if we picked them, and shelled the bean part... could those beans be used, for instance, in "baked beans" ? I've thrown them into stews and soups, but haven't tried then in baked form. Just wondering if anyone had done so. They have been so prolific this year ! ( understatement ) yet i hate to waste them.
  2. That is really neat !! it is country, folksey, and made from the heart... all at once !!
  3. I made jam again yesterday. ( blackberry...yum ) The recipe calls for a quarter inch head space. Not really a lot room left. This AM, when checking the seals... one jar made a tiny "bink" sound when i pressed on the center. It did not "un-bink" and the lid is on snugly. No lifting the edge at all. I will put this jar in the frige and use it first. Would that be considered a seal or the fact of the "bink" make it not sealed ?? I keep coming up with things that i haven't seen addressed elsewhere, and really want to know the answers. Thank You.
  4. Thank You so much. I've bookmarked to site and will make time to work thru it. That way i won't keep posting those Noobie Questions all the time. ( i hope )
  5. Today, i've been busy making jam. It is kinda fun and the thought of all that yummyness this winter, makes me rather pleased with the work. As usual... i have questions. ( who would ever have thought it ! ) Recipies are not all the same.. .... The Ball Blue Book makes no mention of using lemon juice when making Blueberry jam. The Sure-Jell box does. Probably Certo has yet another idea. Who do i follow ? I can understand putting lemon on the peaches to prevent browning... but What does it add to Blueberries ?? Times... Ball Blue Book has peach jam processing time as 15 minutes. The berries at 10 minutes. Sure-Jell says 10 for both. Ja, i'm getting a bit confused. Also... the foam.... It is quite difficult to skim every bit of it off the jam. Seems as tho i'm taking half of my jam with it ! What "harm" does a bit of foam do to the jam, if any ?? This is it for this moment in time. I'm pretty certain that i will have many more questions Before this canning season is done. Thank you.
  6. Well, two attempts.. and .Four hours later... we are up to date . We are on dial-up and our connection is s l o o o w at best. ( one of the reasons that i cannot post pictures. Takes way too long !)
  7. Then... that is what i shall do. Thank You.
  8. so how much time is it between when the steam starts and the air vent/cover lock is up ? I would think if it was just a few minutes you could go eather way. But if it is like 15 minutes or moe then you are wasting time and fuel. we have always counted from when the steam starts a hissing at us. Happy Canning Everyone - Don't you Love that the hotest time of the year is the Best time to can. LOL On my Presto, it seems to take about three or four minutes before the lock..locks. that is why i posed the question. Does it really matter as long as steam is blowing out ? as i said... i take directions Literally. If "the book" says do xyz... that's what i will do. The book only says " let the steam vent 10 minutes " . And JA, so Much fun canning in the heat. In a Hot kitchen !!!
  9. This is probably a "no brainer" to those who have been doing this for a while... but i tend to take new (to me) things Exactly as they are written . The steam is vented for 10 minutes. ... but.... my bigger pressure canner has a lock thingy that pops up locking the canner when it would be too dangerous for the lid to come off. Question is.... Do i wait for the lock to *pop-up* before counting the ten minutes ?? Or do i count from when it starts blowing steam thru the main vent ?? It will start blowing steam a bit before the lock locks. Thank You.
  10. we have one that is hand cranked and it works wonders and is fast - one of us cranks and the other feeds in the beans. DID YOU KNOW........................... if you have a old potato peeler (metal) with that funny looking square thing on the other end? THAT is a french bean slicer! You just 'push' the bean through and it does a good job. When we were kids my Mom would bring in Dads vice and put it onto the table, then clamp that peeler into it on the side and away we would go taking turns at 'Pushin beans' before canning them. See you had one all these years and never knew it. LOL When first wanting to do the frenched green beans... we could not locate a frencher. Then we happened to remember Old Forge Hardware. That store up in Old Forge , NY has absolutely Everything !! We called ahead...yes they carried them, so we saddled up and drove the hour and a half to get there... and got our green been frencher !! ( then drove back home with our prize) It is a neat gadget. I had not known about the potato peeler. That is an awesome idea. Just checked mine... doesn't have a square end. bummer. Then we each could work on them. Guess i'll just have to *let* DH do that part.... ( snicker).......
  11. Yay !!!! ! Happiness is french sliced green beans !!! Yes, we have a cutter. Certainly makes the job a bit easier. DH frenches them... and i process them. Do they need to be done in shorter lengths ?? I know the ones i freeze.. we do the whole length of the bean. Just wondering about length in canning.
  12. Yeppers !! "We're here to help *cough-cough ourselves cough-cough* You. Trust us "
  13. Guess the title shows my question. We really like the french sliced green beans better than the plain ole cut up ones. I just have not found ...Anywhere... directions on pressure canning them ! ( Google does weird things when i've tried searching there ). I'm hoping someone here would know if they Can be canned safely... Our freezer is begining to bulge and if i Can can them... it would really help ! Thank You.
  14. 12 half-pints of "Our Own" Blackberry jam ! Got to eat up the tiny bit left in the cooking pan.....Oh My !!! Y U M M Y !!!
  15. Thank You ! ( i knew You have a lot of expertise in canning, and was hoping You might reply.)
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