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  1. Clearing out my files... Two goldfish were in their tank. One turns to the other and says, "You man the guns, I'll drive." A fish swims into a wall... "I'll be dammed!" Why did the one-handed man cross the road? To get to the second-hand store. What did the tie say to the hat? You go on a head, I’ll just hang around. Judge: Malcolm, when did you become a hardened criminal? Malcolm: When I was running from a construction site with a stolen whistle and fell down into some wet cement. - Butch: You don’t look so good. Junior: That’s because I strained myself. Butch: How did you
  2. i looked at Your web site. The April Fools cartoon is Too funny !!! i love it !!! Mea.

  3. The title was about the courts, so I took a look. It's interesting to see what posters say about me and mine when they think I'm not reading. This is the reason I lurked for two years before making my first post. I thought perhaps only Christians are welcome here. It appears I'm not even welcome in the country part of my family was living in before the Europeans came. -- BTW: The founding fathers left England because they were being forced to belong to the Church Of England.
  4. Sometimes I don't feel very welcome on this site. Obviously according to your prayer, my religion, even though older than yours is not important. Which particular group of Christians will be in charge of your government? Roman Catholics? Presbyterians? Baptists? Should all the Buddhists and Jews be impeached as not being fit to hold office?
  5. Quote from Darlene: *REMINDER* This thread was originally started with the intent of hearing things that are going on in our local communities, or in our own lives that are red flags. This was meant to give us a thumbnail sketch of what is going on across our country and beyond. Somehow, months ago, more political red flags started being introduced, and I would like to see this thread going back to what is going on around us in our own lives.
  6. I think it may be the stress from shipping that causes some chicks to die when ordering them from mail order. I always have just a few (from the feed store) 3 - 8 at a time. I've only lost one bird, which was a sick turkey from the start. They are pretty easy to raise, as long as they don't get too cold at night in the winter.
  7. No warning necessary. You didn't have any warning in the story, we shouldn't get it when reading. Daylily, maybe your group will take over Mother's spread?
  8. Fainting here... MOTHER! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?
  9. Sorry about the typos. The site will not let me fix them even when I notice as I type them.
  10. What is all over the house? The roof. What runs all around the yard? The fence. What did the chimney and the door do when the house caught on fire? the chimney flue and the door bolted. What did one wall say to the other wall? I'll meet you at the next corner. What did the rug say to the floor? hands up, I've got you covered. When should a window pane blush" When it sees the weather stripping. http://i160.photobucket.com/albums/t197/laiesken/CERDITO3.gif[/img What is big enough to hold a pig, and small enough to hold in your hand? A pen. What is it from which you may take awa
  11. It's the FAT not the ph, that makes it unsafe to can dairy. Or bacon. Commercial businesses have access to equipment we do not... Like taking 3-4 seconds to go from liquid to powdered milk and eggs.
  12. CONGRATULATIONS! I wound up with chicks again this year, usually I only get new ones every other year. Last year I got 2 unsexed in the hope one would be a male. One was, but another breed who was supposed to be a girl was a fellow as well. With two males and only four females... well not such a good number. So I sent the kids this year to each pick out a chick, and wound up with my grandson's godmother's two little bantys as well. I'm hoping for all ladies this time. - I LOVE CHICKENS!!! (well, sometimes I wonder why) LOL
  13. Someone mentioned the baby formula... I checked, and the 3 pounds she has left on day #48 will make about 75 8 ounce bottles.
  14. I freeze leftover chocolate all the time. Most Easter bunnies are chocolate flavored grease though, so make sure you actually have chocolate. If it gets a little cloudy white haze on the surface, that's just the cocoa butter separating. Doesn't hurt anything at all.
  15. Pants are easier; no pulling them up out of the mud, no flashing other people when the wind blows, no scorching of the hems when they blow into the fire, no tangling in the branches when pruning trees or picking fruit, no bare legs getting scratched by the berry thorns. Why should women have to wear clothing that must constantly be twitched out of the way, held to one's body, or caused many women and girls to be badly burned? Men didn't.
  16. Where did it imply men were worthless?
  17. If you'd like to make your own, try these links... http://mrssurvival.com/forums/index.php?sh...;hl=can+rotator http://mrssurvival.com/forums/index.php?sh...;hl=can+rotator Welcome to the site!
  18. If I wanted to, I could have been a very rich woman. Millions of dollars at my command. I refused to do the thing that would have caused that, as I would not have other people's misery on my conscience. That is what I do not understand. The mindset and morals of such a person who has no conscience. I may be poor, but my conscience is clear. I will not prosper on the backs of others. - Those people who knew the materials were substandard and used them anyway... What sort of people are they?
  19. Black oil sunflower seeds work fine, I always nibble them when we buy them.
  20. She told me she only noticed a 'bantam' sign, no breeds on the bantams. Cat, I go back and forth between cootchie-cooing over the hens, to why on earth did I ever want chickens?! Thank you for the links; when my last computer went down I lost them all and have been trying to find them again. I'll go through those chicken pictures carefully. No extra toes, Stephanie. She is very 'frizzly' though.
  21. Sure! We use shelled sunflower seeds, and sprout them in a glass jar as any other seed. I like them no longer than the seed itself. Wouldn't grow them in dirt, why add another step? Not to mention, if there isn't any dirt in the process you don't need to worry about eating it. It grates between your teeth.
  22. The rings aren't cheating, but are harder to use than a doughboard. A doughboard is basically just a cutting board with dowels along 3 of the edges. You put your ball of dough in and then just roll. Cookie bakers use them all the time, it's faster because they take all the guesswork out of the thickness. Found you a link with pictures. http://www.armchair.com/store/gourmet/baking/rollingpin.html On topic, I just use an old wooden one.
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