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The Hunt Is On

We made it through the holidays! I just learned about a property that is promising - a little house on 3+ acres. I am trying to get in to see it this week. We had not planned to buy anything until our current place sold, but maybe we could swing this one. It is a foreclosure, and priced quite low.   I have mixed feelings about buying a foreclosure. I have never been one to want to profit from another' s misfortune. But if this place could work for us, it could be a Godsend. Still, somebody los



Time to Move Again -

I've had several homesteads over my life so far, and each one has been something of an evolution in my thinking about homesteading. Now my professional life has taken me to another place, and thus we must find a new homestead. It is a new transition, and a new opportunity to consider how we want to pursue homesteading in the next phase of our lives.   The first order of business is to sell our current homestead. It is a work in progress, so we have to get some projects finished before it is re



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