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On Tuesday, Richard said: 'Ya ought to do something with that chicken in the basement fridge. What day did we butcher them?'   Me: Uh, I don't know. Tuesday? (my day off)   Him: A week ago?   Me: Nooo! (hmmm) What day is it?   Him: Tuesday!   Me: Oh....No, it wasn't a week ago, but I thought we did them on my day off. We butchered chickens and THEN I went to work? Musta been Friday or Saturday. <shrug>       Then I remembered that a lady had shown up to buy some pullet



Painting a Picture

Hi. I'm Denise, but my friends call me Necie. I grew up and lived in SW Michigan for 35 years, but now live in NE Indiana. Big move, huh? I love the Mid-West and guess you could call me a country gal. Was raised farming and have my own little mini farm started.   I'm divorced. Was married for 15 yrs and have 3 wonderful kids: Jason (23), Tony (22) and Leah (20). Tony has a girlfriend-Jessie (20) whom I also totally adore (she wants to learn to garden and can and all that fun stuff). I've been



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