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Painting a Picture



Hi. I'm Denise, but my friends call me Necie. I grew up and lived in SW Michigan for 35 years, but now live in NE Indiana. Big move, huh? I love the Mid-West and guess you could call me a country gal. Was raised farming and have my own little mini farm started.


I'm divorced. Was married for 15 yrs and have 3 wonderful kids: Jason (23), Tony (22) and Leah (20). Tony has a girlfriend-Jessie (20) whom I also totally adore (she wants to learn to garden and can and all that fun stuff). I've been in a serious relationship for over 8 yrs..Richard is my bestest friend. We put up with each others nonsense like no one else would. :) He's a total motor head. Used to drive semi--mostly hauled grain, has a '74 Shovelhead Harley (would LOOOVE to have a Cushman (sp?) motor scooter thangy). Is into chainsaws, lawnmowers, GEESH--anything with an engine and NASCAR (and any other type of racing-I pick on him and say 'If they could figure out a way to put engines on a cow, you'd watch them race.' LOL).


I'm a bartender. Pretty boring. Well, til they make me wait tables. When I'm waitressing, they ought to sell tickets and charge admission--real COMEDY show. I'm a bartender. hehe


My little farm: Well, it started out with a couple chickens. That's grown. :rolleyes: I have somewhere between 50-70. And 44 chicks and 41 eggs in the 'bator. Then I got 4 rabbits. We just butchered 3, but I have 2 juniors and 3 babies, so I guess I have 9. Then I got 2 little doeling goats-Nubians. Bred them to kid in late May or June this year. I just bought my first little buckling, and my goat mentor and I are working on purchasing and co-owning another buckling and I will raise him with this one.


Then there's Gracie! B) The spoiled little pampered princess pooch Rottweiler. She's 18 months old and at this time acting very much the teen-ager. GRRRRRR I just keep telling myself-"PATIENCE". At least she'll grow out of it faster than the human kids. LOL


Kagan! I am getting one of Darlene's pups! :wub: I am working on the name. Part of it will be Kagan. I want it to mean "King's Gift" or "Gift of the King" or "Gift from the King". Kagan=King. I like Ikram, too. Ikram=gift. Kagan Ikram? Ikram Kagan? I think it is going to be a challenge and very rewarding to raise and train an Anatolian. He is going to be a working dog-guardian of my farm. :D


I have alot of other little hobbies, too. Fishing, gardening, crocheting, wine-making, cooking....oooooooh, all SORTS of stuff. ;)


So, I hope my first entry in my blog has kinda painted the background of the picture-my life. Future entries will hopefully paint in more detail. It is a picture that will never be completed-it's a work in progress. :)




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You are inspiring! Even with adversity and rocky roads, you have made a very peaceful life for yourself. Many women would crack under the pressure. You are so strong! Thank you for writing this entry.

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I did enjoy your first blog entry and looking forward to more!


The Turkish names are so meaningful and a lot of fun to poke around with. Can't wait to get Aslan home! :wub:

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Necie is the Queen of fishing! to watch her go out and in a half hour come back with 15 fish!!! then to watch her filet them.... and to watch her fliet a chicken.. silly girl! HUG! gracie is beautiful.

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