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MrsS is not the place



...to expect to be able to talk news or politics rationally.


I will only use this board for food type prepping information from now on.


Survivalistboards.com is a far better place for news and discussing just what is going on. The people there are far more polite and accepting of other viewpoints. A fair amount of them think about the news and try to figure out what is going on. Heck, even Zombie Squad is a better news and opinion source.


Even a lot of the people posting from the far right think! Wow!


I can ask 'What does this mean? What do you think is going on?' and get researched and thought out opinions from all viewpoints. What a nice change!


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The world is a mighty big place and I'm glad you've been able to glean something from MrsS. I've not found 'one place' to meet all of my needs completely either. Then again, my life is like that... I keep learning and wandering and learning...<sigh> :happy0203:


One thing I've found with ZS and other survivalist boards is that there is so much time wasted with what I call 'talking smack' about anything and EVERYTHING and everybody. Many also have a 'hard core' approach for example, a good number of people think that a first aid kit, a box of MRE's and a case of water is enough prep to see them through the end of the world as we know it. Many also take weapons VERY seriously...so seriously it seems, that there is little room for reason except for ways to amass more ammo or weapons. I also see more socialization than actual preparing going on which some people find irritating and others find likable. :blah:


Many forms don't have advocates for canning and food preservation safety like Mrs.S. Once, I had one guy call me a very foul name for telling him that leaving rings on home canned-goods wasn't a very good idea, even though I gave him the national website, etc. Another person argued with me repeatedly saying that used lids and rings were perfectly safe and spill-proof. :o


Also, other forums have different levels of activity and some even charge annual memberships (maybe $10 or $15/ yr).


MrsS doesn't do this. Knowledge and advice are free. I find MrsS to be really great and personally encouraging - in many ways other forums just aren't.


I'm glad that you're active on other forums, for like me, you're constantly learning and growing and need ways to do this that MrsS doesn't provide.


However, I'm glad you're here, too! I hope you keep sharing what you've learned.



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