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B.O.A.T (Bug out Altoids Tin)



Here we go with my BOAT.





Open and packed.



Contents exploded.



My bit of creativity...



Here's how it fits together.





Ok, contents:


(6) Hoop Fishing Weights

(6) Bait Fish Hooks (taped to the lid)

(5) Matchsticks

(3) Water Purification tablets (inside the bag with the matchsticks)

Utilities from a broken Leatherman I had laying around. (Serrated Knife, Mini-saw, Can-Opener, Probe, Puncture tool, and Flat-head)

(1) cut down No.2 Pencil

(1) Mini-Bic

20ft of 12lb Fishing Line

8ft of duck tape

(4) 1" wide by 1.5ft long pieces of tarry cloth

3ft of boot-string


Future Upgrades

Replace the 3ft of boot-string with 8ft of 550 paracord

Replace the Leatherman salvage-job with a mini-multitool...maybe.

Replace New version of the Altoids tin with an old version (when I can find one) because the new versions are stamped on the lid and I eventually want to put reflective tape on the top of the lid.


For the tarry-cloth (firestarter/wilderness toiletry)/duck tape/fishing line contraption. I took a bit of cardboard and used my knife to cut out the interior support ribbing. I then looped one end of the fishing line around it and wrapped the 8ft of tape around the exterior of the cardboard strips (to hold them together). I looped the fishing line into a coil around three of my fingers, then folded the tarry-cloth neatly so they both slide easily into the cardboard pocket. I did this mostly to keep my tarry-cloth as dry as possible (as cardboard has a tendency to suck moisture out of anything) and to keep my fishing line from getting tangled with the rest of the BOAT contents.



Comments/suggestions are welcome. Thanks


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This is really cool Aaroun, thank you for the pictorial. I can't wait to show this to my dh as he and my boys have altoid tins for a different purpose. They use their for charring cloth. I am going to slowly but surely add these to our BOB's.



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WOW...thanks for sharing this!!! This is a great idea and guide for me to go by!!! Can't wait to tap into more of your ideas!!!

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