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Everywhere I look blooms are bursting forth! Our gorgeous ornamental Pear Trees are solid white with tiny beautiful flowers. The peach trees are covered in delicate pink adornments. The plum trees are starting to display a little color as well.


Seasons are a lovely gift that the Lord has bestowed upon us. Each has it's on purpose and is necessary.


The important thing to remember about seasons is that they change. It's not going to stay as rainy or cold or hot or dry or humid as it is right now. A new season will arrive and it will be celebrated for its unique qualities.


Tomorrow is the first day of Spring and today is sunny and warm! I will gather my small army of children around me and we will commence with the spring cleaning!! This will be an on going project for the weekend. My husband is off Monday and we will hopefully get the garden started as well. He bought his tiller last weekend and eager to 'turn some dirt'.


Sweeping and dusting and organizing and cleaning out and getting things in order just feels great doesn't it!! We're going to cook out hamburgers and clean out the garage. We're going to attend church and Praise the Lord for the gift of seasons.


Ecc 3:1 To every [thing there is] a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:



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