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Aslan Has Arrived!





Aslan has arrived! After what seemed like an eternity of waiting, Aslan has been safely delivered to our family!


It was love at first sight of course, but the last couple of days have been filled with wonderful puppy love! :wub:


He is a puppy with purpose! Yesterday we signed him up for the Puppy Training Classes at the pet store. They start the week that he turns 10 weeks. So, we've got about 3 more weeks to do the best we can with his very determined little self.


His markings are gorgeous, white toes and a velvet black muzzle. There is a beautiful white blaze across his chest and his eyes are full of intelligence. I know that we have chosen his name correctly, as he does have a Heart of a Lion - Aslan!




Recommended Comments

he is beautiful! weigh him! enjoy holding him... <chuckle> next month he will be too big!



be sure when you take him out you add an extra hour to you trip. Why? because everyone wants to touch him and stop you and ask you questions about him.


Many will stop you to guess at what cross he is. Is this a german shepherd x great dane? great dane x lab? too funny.


Welcome ASLAN to your new home!

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