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Ergazomai ἐργάζομαι Part III



God has entrusted each of us with much of value as well. And to whom much is given, much is required. (Luke 12:48)


What has God placed in your hands, in your life, in your safe keeping and how will you Ergazomai ἐργάζομαι ?


Remember the usage list for Ergazomai ἐργάζομαι


1) to work, labour, do work


2) to trade, to make gains by trading, "do business"


3) to do, work out


a) exercise, perform, commit


b ) to cause to exist, produce


4) to work for, earn by working, to acquire




God has INVESTED in you and in turn expects you to INVEST wisely so that there is an INCREASE. This applies to every area of our lives. He calls us to accountability. He wants you to Ergazomai ἐργάζομαι .


In summary I feel that the Lord has revealed to me that each step I take, each thought I think, each dollar I spend, each word I speak, each moment that I live...should be ON PURPOSE and with a PURPOSE. I am to labour, trade, commit, produce and acquire so that I can give Him a return from His investment in me.


So, how does this apply to prepping? For me, I now believe that the Lord has directed me to be diverse in the way I invest my monies, times, energies, thoughts, talents. A wise investor is diversified. They don't put 'all of their eggs in one basket'. That way, if a basket is dropped, you haven't lost everything.


I will invest in all the aspects of my life. My children and family. My physical, spiritual and mental well being. My homestead. My prepping skills, tools, stocks. My home and family protection. It's not all about anyone of these things. I can improve all areas by investing wisely and reaping the benefits of a productive life.






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Stephanie....thanks so much for sharing this. It has been fascinating and very enlightening.....and certainly has me thinking!!!

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What a thought!

We are God's servants, just like the ones mentioned in the parable about the talents. We serve our Lord and he expects us to invest all He has entrusted us with in a way that pleases Him, not us.


God has been showing me an area of my life that I have been wasteing. My private thought life. I tend to daydream a lot. This is wasted time when I could be focussing on Him and seeking His will. I drift off into la-la-land when I could be communing with Him all day. I have access to the Creator of the world, and I'm dreaming of stupid stuff, focusing on trivial events.


Thanks Stephanie, for the reminder!

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Amen! I hear ya, loud and clear! Good words to live by! Ergazomai ἐργάζομαι



But the light will show what these things are really like. Light shows up everything, just as the Scriptures say, "Wake up from your sleep and rise from death. Then Christ will shine on you."

Act like people with good sense and not like fools. These are evil times, so make every minute count. Don't be stupid. Instead, find out what the Lord wants you to do. Don't destroy yourself by getting drunk, but let the Spirit fill your life. When you meet together, sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, as you praise the Lord with all your heart. Always use the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to thank God the Father for everything. Honor Christ and put others first.


Ephesians 5:13-21 (Contemporary English Version)


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