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new job position



my boss is retiring soon and i will be getting the postion and for now no extra pay and no offical title,but all the work it is coming up soon and i am geting very nervous. when our work picks up they say there will be the title and a pay increase can not wait we can really use the pay increase. my boss will go from being my boss to me being their boss the person is only going to work a few days a week. i hope this makes sense.


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i went to work wednesday and she told me i was going to start that day instead of later she will work like normal untill her retirement date but she wanted me to take over so far so good no call ins nothing went wrong so far knock on wood my friend get promoted also in two weeks to boss also up front no offical title or pay right now but we will get there soon hopefully thanks everyone for the wonderful words of encourgement

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BUT - you have a job! In the middle of a really lousy economy, you have a job and are getting a promotion (true w/o $$ and title, but STILL). What a blessing! :)


:bighug2: Congrats, Dear!

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thanks very true it may not be the best job in the world but it is my little slice of the pie and i will do my best at it thanks everyone i need all the engourement i can get i just do not feel like i measure up or that i will do a good job i have a lot on my mind

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i am just getting overwhemled everything hitting me at once i do not know which way to turn i hope i can do this

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