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Get it together!!



I had a dream...and I don't dream much lately. It was so vivid that I can't stop thinking about it. When I woke up from it (or in the midst of it) I was distressed, trying to catch my breath and had to go and wash my face with some cold water before I could think clearly.


Before I tell you about this oddity, I want to give a disclaimer - I am in no way trying to say this is a prophetic dream, a hidden message or anything to but me and me alone. But, it sure got my attention and I thought you might find it mighty interesting as well.


In the dream, I was standing on my back deck, which is about three feet off the ground and we had obviously experienced some kind of flood. I would occasionally see things floating under the deck or just at the edge so that I could see enough of the object to know what it was. But, each time I would run to get Henry (dh) it would have disappeared before he could see it. Once it was a turkey, then a small tiger and lastly an alligator. All three of these animals appeared to be drowned.


Finally, due to my insistance about the alligator, Henry agreed to come out and check. He told me he was going to get a gun just in case the alligator wasn't dead. When he came back, he went to the wrong side of the deck and declared he couldn't see a thing. Not only that, the firearm he brought was a Black Powder Primitive that he is in the process of repairing (doesn't work as of yet).


So, I am telling him, "Over here, over here, you're looking in the wrong place, that's why you can't see the alligator." I'm also asking why in the world he brought that gun. He agrees to come to the other side and tells me to go and get a different gun, just in case.


I run in the house and then wonder which gun I should get. So, I go back out on the deck and see that Henry is in the water with the dead alligator. He says not to worry about it, because the alligator is indeed dead. I turn and look across the yard, which is about hip deep in water and I see another alligator. This one is not dead and is swimming toward Henry.


I start screaming for Henry to get out of the water, that there is an alligator. He tries to calm me down by once again explaining that the alligator is dead and there is nothing to worry about. All the while this other alligator is swimming towards him. I turn and decide to run and get a gun. I am thinking of the Mossin Nagant and its huge bayonet. I find the rifle, but the bayonet is not attached, I don't know where it is and every other rifle is either missing a part or the ammo. It's all there but not together.


I run back to the deck, helpless to help my husband and screaming at the top of my lungs! "Alligator! Alligator!"


Then I wake up. :o



What this is saying to me - the message is loud and clear - Get it together!!


I've been like a little magpie collecting all manner of things (including some firearms I've never shot) as I've been preparing. But what good is it going to do me if when the moment that I need it comes and I don't know where it is, how to use it, what to do with it? This is not the time to procrastinate.


Also, just because one possible threat "fizzles out" (like that dead alligator) doesn't mean that there isn't another right around the corner. This is not the time to let our guards down.


I can't remember the last times I had a dream in such vivid color and so life life. I'm paying attention. Starting this weekend, I'm focused on getting it together!! Organizing, using, practicing, unboxing, trying out, what I have gathered.




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Our waking moments can be so full of activity and the concerns of life that we cannot hear the voice of God. Maybe God chooses the only time our mind and thoughts are silent to speak to us. For most of us, that is during those few precious hours we are sleeping.

What is that verse...? Be still and know that I am God. Our busy world leaves us with little time to be quiet and listen for the voice of God.

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Indeed, the alligators do come, and those who are prepared can fight them off well.


I don't think you're crazy. Take from your dream what God will have you to. Last spring/early summer, I had a dream where I was watching my family starve...ribs showing, we couldn't keep ourselves clean, etc. I canned like a mad woman, reorganized the pantry, etc. Now, I am more at ease, but all I have to do is remember that dream and it motivates me again.


Lots of hugs and strength to you, dear. Blessings, too!



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