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Prepping vs. Collecting



I struggle with this... Collecting my Preps and not wanting to use them. :blush:


Whenever I'm canning something I am almost hoping one jar won't seal so that I can taste what I've done. :rolleyes: I'm a bit better than I was, been working on it. I rememberJudy saying in a post, that we were 't creating a Food Museum with our canned goods (a while back). That really got my attention!


Months and months ago I bought a Berkey, went through heck and high water to get it. I was so proud when it came, so relieved! It is still in the box! <_<


Now, in my defense, it came with several of the Berkey Sports Bottles and when I had to take that trip a while back, I pulled one out and have been using it faithfully since then. *Cool bottle btw!


I seem to have this mentality of not opening and using things that I've collected until there is the need for them, or just the right moment. I'm a nut! :wacko:


The other day I had bought something, and my ds9 asked about it. I said what I say so often, "This is for an emergency."


He looked at me thoughtfully and said, "How much longer do we have to wait for one of these emergencies?"


I laughed, I couldn't help myself. It was so true! as the old saying goes....from the mouth of babes.... :D


I have also yet to try my Junior Wonder Mill Deluxe Grain Grinder or open any of my wheat. I've ordered MORE, I've read recipes and threads here. I'm still gathering my equipment and ingredients and information. I tend to do that. First I gather and think, think, think... then I act.


So, now I'm wondering if I've crossed some kind of proverbial line in this Prepping vs. Collecting. :huh:


We bought this really cool Butterfly Kerosene stove for a great price at a yard sale last summer...still in the box. But, I did mention to my dh that I'd like to try it and see how it works. I guess that's a step in the right direction.


I DID open that #10 can of Peanut Butter Powder and we HAVE been experimenting with it. I made some cookies the other day that were so good, the kids were fighting over them. :P


I DID open my FOOD SAVER that my mom gave me for Christmas after only a few weeks and use it! But, I haven't opened the jar attachment that I bought to go with it.


I AM using some of my home canned food and not saving all of it for a rainy day. We are using some of the #10 cans of fruit and pudding and etc... to see what we like and what we want more of. :feedme:


I DID open up my first Pantry Stuffer of Dehydrated Vegies from Harmony House and use them very often ( and enjoying them very much). I ordered a second batch including some other things.


Well, I guess I'm making some progress in this journey, but still need to start enjoying and using the neat things I've collected. Perhaps today I will try out that Food Saver Jar Sealer and 'can' up some Steel Cut Oatmeal that I have in buckets...leaving the buckets open for something else? :)



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Hey Stephanie, just always remember the Preppers Adage: Store What You Eat; Eat What You Store. That way you will constantly rotate what you have stored. It's how I keep my stock in reasonable rotation. :D

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Oh Stephanie, I can so relate to you! lol I can homemade chicken stock, but I hate to use it. It's so nice to know it's on the shelf. BUT, when I do use it to make rice, etc. the food always taste sooo much better. We do go through the spaghetti sacue and ground beef. The canned chicken is still waiting for an "emergency". Our Aqua Rain water filter is still in the box. The wheat grinder is set up in the kitchen, and I've tried it once, but need to start experimenting with recipes. We have 2 rainbarrels set up collecting rainwater from the gutters (and we use the water for the garden); but we have 6 more barrels sitting under the deck waiting to be fitted and placed in position. What can I say?? Maybe we need a new motto, "Prep supplies are good to use". lol

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