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Sam's 'Click and Pull'



I just tried the Sam's 'Click and Pull' for the first time. So, hopefully after PT tomorrow I can go and pick it up without having to 'shop'. Here's what I got...


Item Description Item # Quantity Unit Price Subtotal

FULLY COOKED BACON 72 COUNT 272086 1 $8.52 $8.52 I try to keep a pkg of this on hand, very handy and shelf stable


DQ PK SALMON 4-14.75 4-14.75 OZ 822899 1 $7.67 $7.67 noticed I needed mored salmon the other day when counting


CHOCOLATE PUDDING 112 OZ. 488505 6 $4.08 $24.48 This is the best chocoatle pudding I've ever tasted, pie quality


CHICKEN BOUILLON CUBES, 25 OZ 071148 1 $4.87 $4.87 To keep on hand with the dehydrated vegies


CREAMY PEANUT BUTTER 2 PK / 40 OZ 049573 1 $6.39 $6.39 This is a good price for the size and a 2/pk


ACTII SEASONING SALT 52 OZ 624038 1 $3.34 $3.34 Haven't tried this yet, hope it will be as good as the popcorn


BAKED BEANS 117 OZ. 037053 6 $5.27 $31.62 I need to make some of my own...but in the mean time, these are handy


VANILLA PUDDING 112 OZ. 488511 6 $4.08 $24.48 We tried these puddings last week and are sold on the quality & price


BEEF BOUILLON CUBES, 25 OZ 071149 1 $4.87 $4.87 Works really well in recipes,soups, stews, etc... even alone?


YLW RND TORTILLA CH 2 - 3 LB. BAGS 022202 2 $6.18 $12.36 These big boxes have a better expiration date than bags


SHREDDED CHEDDAR 5 LB CHEDDAR 063903 1 $9.02 $9.02 This is some really good grated cheese, I divide and freeze


AMERICAN SLICES 5 LB 160 CT 063945 1 $7.67 $7.67 This we get every time we go, good deal


MINCED GARLIC 48 OZ 442118 1 $4.08 $4.08 I may never chop garlic again!


PRAIRE RIDGE BF PATT 10 LBS 4 OZ PATTIES 293758 1 $17.88 $17.88 We're going to grill these tomorrow


CHILI WITH BEANS 6 LB 11 OZ 192355 6 $6.28 $37.68 This and some tortilla chips will feed my whole family w/leftovers


ACT II POPCORN 50 LB 624059 1 $16.58 $16.58 One of my favorite things to get at Sam's


TROPICAL FRUIT SALAD 107 OZ 860346 6 $5.16 $30.96 We got one of these and liked it very much


VLASIC DILL CHIP 5 GAL 2500-3000 CT 728740 1 $13.66 $13.66 My dh picked this out! It's is a 5gal pail! :D


NO CALORIE GRANULATE SWEETENER - 1.2LBS 156010 1 $11.88 $11.88 This is Splenda


I didn't get some of the normal stuff that we usually get...

Canned Tomatoes #10 size

Ketchup, Mayo, Mustard (pump size)

Nacho Cheese #10 size

Toilet Paper and Paper Towels

Pinto Beans (25lbs for $13)

I'm stocked pretty good on that stuff and will get more of that next time.


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Just an update, went and picked up the order! IT was SO easy!


I just paid and pushed the cart to the van, loaded it up with the help of oldest ds.


They had the cold stuff in the big cooler and everything was organized and stacked nicely, ready to go.


They asked if I needed some shopping time before they went to get the cooler stuff AND I got some free samples of Restaurant cleaning supplies...apparently they assumed I'm a new cafe' in town! :D

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What it is - is Sam's Wholesale Club (like Costco), but now they are online. So, you can go in there and 'click' and choose what you want and they 'pull' it for your so it is ready when you get there.
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