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Growing Grins!



Next month will be two years since our family grew from four children to seven. It was quite the adjustment, let me tell you. Not only did have MORE children but now we had two girls, talk about a change in family dynamics! Oh my!


Here they were , these three little children who had been in an environment that would make you and I shudder. They had a different set of values, morals, priorities, opinions, outlooks, lifestyle...I could go on but I think you've got the picture.


It has not been easy, it has been hard, it still is sometimes. But, today, as I was checking out these pictures of the three of them in the garden this weekend I noticed the grins. We'd just gotten out of the pool, and their hair is a mess, wearing old clothes to work in the garden. But the light in their eyes demanded to be captured and recorded.


When they first stepped out of the Social Workers vehicle, they had eyes full of apprehension, hearts gripped with grief, as their world was turned upside down. Everything that they knew that was familiar to them stripped away.


The baby boy (3 at the time) had been in foster care from birth and all he wanted was his mommy (foster mommy). If you ever wondered to what depth a 3 yr old can grieve, let me tell you, it is heartbreaking to watch.


The girls had to be un-taught before I could even begin re-teaching. This new way of living was not embraced readily. They had been allowed to do pretty much whatever they wanted, there is a lot of freedom in dysfunction, even if it wasn't safe or healthy.


Anyway,I wanted to show you these pictures and let you see how the garden of their souls have flourished. God has wrought a good work in their lives. All He asked is for our willingness to be used. I have to throw this out there, don't be afraid to say YES to the Lord if he's asking you to love a child, just because of a difference in skin color or just because you already have a housefull or just because there will be tremendous challenges. It's all worth it, when you're Growing Grins!







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My husband and I were taking training classes to become foster parents to special needs children. God closed that door and told us he wanted to spend our time and energy by pulling our kids out of school and home-schooling them.

Now that they are grown, I wonder if God will lead us back to foster parenting. We are willing to do His will. What could be a greater task than giving hope to those who have none?

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Those smiles tell it all! As I've told you before, God has annointed you and your DH for this ministry. And a precious ministry it is! Thank you for sharing!

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Nothing can replace those smiling moments. Love, joy, happiness, healthy adjustments...you are a walking poster child for good foster/adoptive parents.


Your little guy and his boots made me remember my godson when he was that age. He had yellow rubber boots that he got for christmas. He wore them ALL SUMMER. In the sun, in the sand box, in the sprinkler. His favorite thing was that he'd stand with the hose, fill up each boot and wiggle back and forth, water sloshing from the boots, then try to walk. He'd empty each boot and start again. His laughter, I swear, was carried by the angels to heaven and back.


Thanks for sharing the giggles and grins. I think I can hear the laughter from here. :):bighug2:

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