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DH and I had a busy and satisfying weekend. We finally started the garden. Since we both are getting arthritis and bending over to garden is hard on our backs and joints, we decided to have raised beds. Instead of making them out of lumber, we bought 2- 35 gal. pond liners. We mounted them on concrete bricks (that DH first leveled and then anchored), also drilled drainage holes in them. We put weed cloth on the bottom, then mixed garden soil and peat moss together and filled them. Between them, we planted: lettuce 2 types, and 2 types of peppers, carrots, zuchini. In individual containers we planted tomatos (roma up to beef steak) and we planted sweet potatoes and regular potatoes in both the compost pile and in individual buckets. We also planted a Roma tomato plant upside down in a bucket to see how it would grow. We also planted a lilac bush and a boxwood basil in individual pots that we placed in front of one of the pond liners. Hopefully, tonight after work, DH will get to mow the yard and trim so we can lay mulch down. We are trying to make the garden aesthetically pleasing as it is in the front yard (only part of the yard that gets full sun). Wouldn't you know it, that we may get frost tonight. Will listen to the forecasts, to see if I need to cover the plants tonight.

Well, I need to close and get started around the house. Many chores await me.

Take care.

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The garden sounds great! If you can, take some pictures. :)


I just asked my dh to till up a nice spot in our front yard area, it gets a nice amount of morning sun. He asked if I was sure about having a garden be the first thing somone sees when they approach the house. I told him that gardens can be beautiful! So he agreed!

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