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Sunday, May 24th



This has been a long, tiring day, but DH and I accomplished a lot. He worked on the front yard. He edged the sidewalk, with a hoe as the weedeater won't work; then laid down a rubber mulch border (that comes in 10 ft long rolls). He also put the mulch border around the flower beds and then mowed the yard. It really looks nice. Needless to say, he is very tired tonight. He was already worn out from yesterday. He loaded up all the sound equipment into the corolla, and drove to Harrison Bay State Park where his dulcimer group played. It was a long day, and his equipment is heavy to move. I spent yesterday cleaning the house, and then working on the quilt blocks for our quilting group. On June 10th, we are all going to bring in 128 6inch squares of light colored fabric, and 128 6 inch squares of dark colored fabric. My goal is to bring them to quilting this coming Wed. as I won't be at quilting June 3 (DH and I will be on our way to MO. for his sister's 50th wedding anniversary party) and the 10th is when DH is scheduled for his carpal tunnel surgery (not sure of the time yet). Today I finished cutting all the 6 inch squares and helped DH a little. Tomorrow I hope to start my project for the craft exchange. Tuesday is our 36th anniversary and DH has the day off, so we can spend it together. Enough rambling, I'm tired. Good night all.

Take care.

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