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May 27, 2009



Thanks to Wormie's help, I think I'm doing the blog correctly now.

Yesterday, was DH and my 36th anniversary. Where have the years gone? We have been so blessed, and we still love each other as much, if not more as we did 36 years ago. Mark took the day off, and we just went and had fun. We got an oil change on the car, then headed toward Cumberland Gap, TN. We stopped at 2 quilt shops and bought some fabric (Mark has a quilt in his mind,that he wants to make for the dulcimer club retreat in Nov. When he sets his mind to do something, he does it well; so I have no qualms about him making a quiilt. It should be outstanding!) We ate lunch at Webb's in Cumberland Gap (freshly made hamburgers and hand cut french fries, and we shared a generous slice of Hershey Chocolate cake). On the way home, we did some looking at Southeastern Salvage and Sears, and then bought a new set of shelves at SAM's (for the craft room). Dinner was at Ruby Tuesday's. We had such a great day!

Today, DD#1's MIL and I went and had a massage. Mark gifted me the massage, and J's kids did the same for her. It was so wonderful!!! I am so relaxed! This was my first massage. Wow!

Well, enough about me. Take care. Have a great day!


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