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2nd day of blogging



I really feel like a fish out of water, when it comes to blogging. Will be nice when I finally know what I'm doing.

Today went with DH to the doctor. X-rays show he has severe arthritis of his knee. Doctor is putting him on steroids for 6 days to try and help with the pain, and gave us the name of an orthopedic doctor to see. Family doctor would prefer DH wait another 5 years before having a knee replacement, but I'm concerned that it's not safe for him to wait that long. He is in chronic pain, and by the end of the day is exhausted from the pain, and he also limps when he walks and thus I'm concerned about his alignment being compromised.Thus the need for the ortho consult.

This afternoon, I picked up our 6 yr old DGS from school and watched him till 5 p.m. He is autistic, but making great strides.

Now I'm home, and will only get to spend a few more minutes here, then need to work on a baby quilt for the my first great-great niece. Would really like to mail it tomorrow. That may be wistful thinking.

I just read Stephanie's blog re: her dream. I've been feeling the same way, about the need to get more organized. If anything happens to me, the family won't know what to do with the provisions or where they all are. Her dream is a wake up call for me too.

Well, time to go. Take care.

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I'm so sorry to hear about M's knee. Tell him I feel for him as they just found a bone spur on my right shoulder and significant arthritis in my left hip. Thankfully the ortho is sending me to Therapy before considering any kinds of surgeries and thinks that they can be strengthened that way. I hope M gets good news.

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