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Our dear granddaughter is 9 today!



DH and I called her this a.m. to sing "Happy Birthday" to her. Turns out, she was walking to school with her Mom and little brother. They were taking cupcakes to school to share. Where did the time go??? It seems like it was yesterday that we saw her for the first time in the hospital nursery. She is our oldest grandchild and only granddaughter, so far.

I thoroughly love(d) being a mother to our 5, challenges and all; but having grandchildren is a whole other level. It's so exciting to see the next generation of our family growing up. It's also very humbling to being the top tier of the family (now that our parents and grandparents are all gone). I pray that we have half their wisdom (welllll, I would really like all their wisdom).

Tomorrow, DH and I will be going back to Kansas and Missouri to see family and share in his oldest sister's 50th wedding anniversary party. I best get to packing, etc.

Take care, everyone.

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