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It's Saturday



I was so relieved to have Vine's quilt done and mailed. Then I had to keep reminding myself that I made it with love, so even with the mistakes, it's ok. Her gracious post upon receiving it was such a blessing for me. I had prayed and sang hymns over it while sewing, so I'm so glad she felt the love and I pray she will feel His peace and comfort from it. (When I read Vine's post re: receiving the quilt to DH, he was in tears.) The design was a new one for me. It was fun to do, and now I want to try some variations; but, it was stressful as I had a time limit, and was running out of time. I also decided to hand quilt it, as my machine quilting leaves a lot to be desired. Now, I 'm not perfect with hand quilting, and of course, it does take a lot longer to do (or at least for me, it does), but I really wanted to finish the quilt that way. I took some pictures before I mailed it, and will try and post them here. I was in a hurry to get to the post office, so not sure how well the pics will look. Maybe Vine will have better luck.

Now, I need to get organized for next week. DD#2 is closing on their first home (they are military), so DD#3 and her 2yr old son, and myself are driving to D.C. on Wed. to help. DD#3 will watch all the kids. My job, if I choose to accept it - lol, is to sew a couple of slipcovers and a pillow cover, lengthen some curtains and help paint. This will be interesting to see how much we accomplish as we drive up on Wed.; they close on Thursday, and we drive home on Sunday. DH can't go with us, as they have a deadline at work and everyone is working long hours. He went to the orthopedist on Thursday for his knee. Doctor doesn't think he needs a knee replacement, but is concerned that he may have torn some cartilidge. He was given a steroid shot ( God bless the P.A. who administered the injection. He did a nearly painless injection; unfortunately the effects seem to be fading already. DH will give the knee some more time to judge how it is doing, and then he may have to be scheduled for an MRI. (Doctor had hoped the steroid would give him relief for a good 6 weeks or more, looks like he had great pain relief for about 24 hours, now the pain is coming back).

Today we are going to have a family BBQ to celebrate Father's Day. We are all going to bring our own burgers/dogs and buns and drinks, and then something else. I'm bringing a Strawberry Trifle and brownies. I need to close soon, so I can start baking the cake and brownies, etc.

Today, DH and I need to go to the dump with the trash and would be nice to clean the house a little too.

Everyone, please have a wonderful day. Will try and post a picture of the quilt soon.

Take care.

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I just saw the quilt MomM and also had read the comments about it. I know she must be blown away. This is your Ministry and you excel at it. :hug3:


Tell M that I will be praying for his knee trouble. :pray:

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