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Give us this day.... a total surprise.



I am just giving a Praise Report.


God sure does work in miraculous ways.


I was sure yesterday that there were no sales at WalMart or Target for school supplies and even if there were sales, I knew I couldn't afford to buy the things we needed to get the kids ready for school. Even if there were happening.......l I didn't have the money. I had avoided the dreaded ADS!


Yesterday my son and I found an IPOD Touch. Calls to Subway (where we found it -- outside the shop in the road) No luck. Then today taking it into IPOD Store in the mall and they were able to find the owner! He had registered the IPOD. They took our name and number and the IPOD and said they would be contacting the owners of the IPOD. (My son tells me they are worth several hundred dollars for a 16gb IPOD touch) Ricky wasn't really very happy about doing the right thing, but I felt at peace with the decision, and hoped that my son would learn that doing the right things, for the right reasons is it's own reward.




BEFORE we went to the mall, we went to Chick Fil A and dressed like cows for their free combo meal. Yummy. Fun.


The table we sat at was right next to the spinning wheel where they were giving away prizes. I started talking to the lady who was doing the spinning wheel about how I loved the resturaunt, and it was a rare treat to be able to come there. We got in a conversation about how we both loved that the company is closed Sundays. She was giving things away left and right (whith the spin of a wheel) but every so often someone would have been 'happier' with a stuffed cow or an ice cream... and she gave them that! She was really a sweet person. Anyway she asked if I came in often and I told her no, that I was disabled, and after the bills were paid, the money was gone for the month, that going out was a rare things, and that eatting at ChickFilA was a rare treat for the kids and I (and I told her I brought two 'friends' kids with us). Anyway, she pulled a wad of cash out of her pocket and said "Here. I want you to have this".


After a little debating with her, I found out that she was the OWNER of this particular Chick fil A. and she said she wanted to tell me a story. She said that several years ago, she had been able to help someone who was out of work, and she paid for a car repair he desperately needed. She said, "About a half an hour ago, he came in and handed me some money to 'repay' the car repair" She said she hadn't counted it, but thought that since it was unexpected cash that the reason she got it was to put it to work again!


I took the money. I didn't count it. There was a 20 on top so when we left there, I headed straight to my Mom's to pay HER back the $20 she loaned me the day before for gas. She didn't want to take it. I told her the story and she said "I am sure happy you were able to pay this back like this, I can use this next week while your Dad is in the hospital for food and things" I counted the money as I was in my Mom's drive. 200$!!!!


I did some pre-shop planning. School supplies are on sale NOW for the year. I got what I could in school supplies -- folders, notebooks, color pencils, glue sticks, glue, pens, pencils, paper, protractors, compass thingies, erasers, markers, dry erase markers, crayons, sharpies, composition books (woo hoo 50 cents each!!!) etc.


I got Ricky a pair of jeans -- on clearance for 7 dollars -- there were two pairs and NOW I wish I had gotten him both pairs, since he only has two pairs -- three now. I also got him two shirts and a pack of white tshirts. I didn't get him shorts, though he could use those. He is in a 16-- ack! He is just 13 and he is big foot -- he wears a MEN's 8 and a half! If he ever grows into his feet and appetite he will be a HUGE KID.


Tya I bought two shirts. Both on clearance. 3 bucks each! She has outgrown all her 10/12 and is in a 14/16.


Katy is at camp -- but there was NOTHING for her at Walmart or Target -- she is in a size 3 and I refuse to buy "Hooker" clothing for her. Apparently size three is a hard size to find - and that is proving very true for us! So I bought her nothing, and we will try goodwill the beginning of the year. She is easier to buy for in one way -- she is at home and really doesn't need much in the way of 'back to school' wear. Work out clothing and


Gas -- half a tank 25$ (I spent 20 from my Mom and filled it up half way the day before)


I have money left over to buy bread, milk, eggs, and fruits and vegetables to tide us over until I go to the chuch the end of next week or the week after (depending on how good the sales are!).


Today I just feel God handed me a miracle, for planning and then following through on doing the 'right thing' That women didn't know about the IPOD and my plans to find the owner, but GOD KNEW. God also knew that I needed gas, food, clothing for my kids for back to school. That IPOD would have paid for ALL OF THAT. I could have sold it for about 200-250 --


HE PROVIDES. God provides for us when we Choose the Right. When we have faith to trust that everything will work out for the best.


Lately I have stopped worrying about things. Looking back, at times when it was darkest, and I thought there is NO light at the end of the tunnel. Things worked out. God provided for us.


Right now I am recovering from knee surgery and it wasn't easy to drive to the mall and walk that darn thing with a cane, it hurt, but it was the RIGHT thing to do to try to find the owner of the IPOD.


Monday I find out if I have anything wrong with my heart. God has it in HIS hands to take care of me, if there is something wrong.


Two weeks from now I undergo a test to find out if the nodules (2cm anbd 1 cm) on my thyroid are cancerous. It is in HIS hands.


Sometime in the next year (probably in the fall of '10) I will be having knee replacement surgery. Right knee. Sometime the following year they will do the other knee. Fun stuff. NOT.


No matter what I face I know that God will be there in all of it.

I have Faith in Him.








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Wow! That's quite a turn of events!


So glad you got the school supplies you needed plus!


BTW, don't call Ricky a big foot, my 13 yr old wears A SIZE !3 MENS! :o

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I saw your post over at the Homeschool thread and had to come over and see how things worked out. Money is tight all over, but for some (like you and others I know) it's even worse. My hubby had been in and out of the hospital seven times in four years not long ago, and I remember those days of hoping and praying as I balanced the checkbook and paid the bills that we'd have enough to make it through--and you know what? We always did.


The one prayer I have prayed since the first day of my marriage was that God would always let us have "enough" money for each month. And we always have--whether it was with an extra $200 to spare...or 2 dollars. Not that I haven't learned from our mistakes and hard(er) times, but He never let us drop below the amount of money we NEEDED to get through. I know we certainly didn't deserve it.


He truly does provide...and in the most unexpected ways! I'm so happy for you and yours. God bless!

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