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  1. PLEASE...keep this thread alive! It's so refreshing to have a good laugh at honesty! Hugs!

  2. PLEASE...keep this thread alive! It's so refreshing to have a good laugh at honesty! Hugs!

  3. Sure miss you Cookiejar! You're the one who got me started here!

  4. Miss your posts...not everyone has the Coastal Perspective to prepping...

  5. Miss you, cookiejar. :)

  6. Miss ya!!!!


  7. Hey Cookie! Where are you? Hope you find us soon!

  8. I knew this would make you smile Stephanie... as it should some of the other's. I can remember some of my more silly questions which people kindly answered. I will freely admit I still ask silly or "Captain Obvious" questions all the time. I am a work in progress. Somewhere there's a thread I started asking what the shelf life of spice were...and I think I once asked what the shelf life of salt was. Yes, you may go ahead and chuckle. The learning process can be amazing. Take a look in humor at my snow for beginners. It's proof positive that we all can forget that the simpli
  9. Originally Posted By: HSmom Quote: 10. Expect anything containing gel to go "strange" - I.E. milky, thick, attempting to escape the container. (Will not attack.) The "attempting to escape" part is altitude. You shut the container at sea level with air at that pressure. Then you traveled to a place of high altitude, where the air pressure is lower. The pressure in that container is still at the "high" pressure of sea level, but it's surrounded by the relatively low pressure of GJ, CO. Pressure wants to be equal, so it tries to escape. Next time, before you shut the container, squeeze it
  10. It is not considered bizarre to see a block's worth of driveways filled with running cars with no people in sight... this is called, "Warming the car up." Snow folk may forget where their wallets, purses, cellphones, and small children are... but they can always find the remote or duel key to complete above said ritual. If someone gleefully exclaims, "I got HOTTIES on sale!" they're not discussing prostitution. If the snow is white, how did the rental car get so dirty? Thermal outsells lingerie. The unforeseen problem of figuring the ratio of clothing versus cold level
  11. Neighborly in Snow Country...I like it! That was a total visual! For the Newbies who don't know me. I'm from Miami Florida and spent the holiday in the Grand Mesa area of Colorado. So I had from below sea level to...I think it was 5 to 6 thousand feet up? PLUS, I arrived in time for 5.3 inches of snowfall. The Angels surely look out for drunks, babies and Miamians in the snow. Snow hints cont: Expect snowfall to add a whole NEW degree of difficulty to the game of parking spot hunting. I think I parked on a crosswalk once. Just because a snowy field looks lovely
  12. Originally Posted By: babysteps Originally Posted By: Homemaker You really would rather have your husband get you a load of manure dumped in your yard than jewelry for your anniversary! Or a load of concrete blocks to make a new raised bed... Or a grain mill... Or a greenhouse... Or a dehydrator... Or some goats... Or... ahem. Sorry. Honey, I hope you're reading this! I love that! *Ahem* You have a lighter in your purse and you don't smoke. (Showing my age) You'd win the $100 from Monty Hall on Let's Make A Deal because of all the gear you carry in your purse/da
  13. I'm bumping this up. Solar storms and EMP's are things that could happen along with Hurricanes, snow storms and other issues that could affect our mode of communications. Personally, I invested in some 21 mile walkie talkies I am putting into a Faraday box. But the idea of family close enough for biking or walking is helpful for those of you that have family near. Any ideas?
  14. I hope it went wonderful dear chica! Your the best and deserve the best! Happy Happy Day!!!
  15. I'm bumping this up so newbies can see that not everyone has it all together and that slip ups and holes in preps occur. We've all had to start or RE-start somewhere. (Please note the dates and names... you'll see mising icons too!). It's easy to get discouraged or overwhelmed by all the new ideas and challenges, Just take it easy. Try some basic frugal living or disaster preparedness and get a little at a time. One extra can, one more coupon clipped, one more innovative use for an old item and your on your way! Ask your questions! You never know who your helping by voicing their con
  16. Okay my snow bunny folks... is this it? Is this when you find yourself opening the seed catalogs and doing some major coveting? Is this when you plan your spring gardens and plantings? Is this when you start dreaming big and look at plans for raised garden beds or composting in small spaces? Roof top, balcony and windowsill gardening plans springing to mind? Have you been haunting the seed websites? Admit your seed dreaming here...
  17. We had a COLD SNAP come through!!! I hope those Oklahoma Sooners here for the BCS can handle it...right now, their tailgating in *gasp* 73 degree weather! And it's supposed to go DOWN to 55 Degrees!!! Break out the Parkas!!!
  18. Woooo hooooooooooooooooooo! Happy Birthday dear friends!!! I hope it's been eventful and exciting!!!
  19. Guilty!!!! You've used Google Earth to find alternative water sources in your area...just in case. Your house would light up like Fort Knox if an intruder walked on your property. I.E. Motion detectors, guard dogs, etc. Clicking of weapons. Hey!! I'm bumping this up for the new people!! I know you newbies can relate to some of these!
  20. *Ahem* Please consult the following link... http://www.mrssurvival.com/forums/ubbthrea...1906#Post271906
  21. You might be a pack rat if... You have a two car garage and can only fit one car in. It's not a junk drawer. It's a junk ROOM. (Hey, so I'm not the only one.) You can only live in 1/4 of your house. You actually think you'll wear that ugly piece of clothing one day. You don't throw things away because every time you do, you need them a week later. You kept your kid's clothes so long your grandchildren or great granchildren can wear them. There are newspapers that are over 20 years old in your basement, and Ann Landers looks so young! Your car has m
  22. All of these replies are excellent and I'M printing copies for me! I have a rolling barrel and I'm going to companion plant in it (after changing out all the dirt).
  23. Would I be considered a *bad girl* for suggesting maybe seeding empty fields? With grains? I'm pretty sure when I was driving in Colorado that I saw what looked like Winter Wheat growing in the drainage ditch next to the road. Just a thought. BTW Chica, how much space are you devoting to growing the grains? Just curious...
  24. Sounds like your gonna do really well here. This is a fantastic bunch of preppers/friends. Glad your here too
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