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  1. I found the stems VERY hard to rehydrate well....therefore, I have been putting them into the blender to pulverize them. It will be perfect for cream of broccoli soup.
  2. If I remember correctly, just plain old chicken soup/broth doesn't help. It must have been made from the BONES because that is where the gelatinous substance comes from that actually has the healing properties in it. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. Yeah - I still can't see it either, so it must not be ready yet...
  4. Have you checked to see if any of her epileptic medications cause her blood to be thinner? Does she take an aspirin daily? After you get the bleeding stopped, she needs to not blow her nose for several hours or it will start bleeding again. (You may already know these things...just thinking out loud...)
  5. One way to further cut the cost of baking bread is to bake 2 loaves at once. You're using the same amt of energy in the oven, but doubling your yield.
  6. Funky Pioneer -Did not know about the cayenne pepper - Good to know...Thanks! Snowmom - yes, reflux makes asthma worse.
  7. Also a frugal Christmas for us, and DH had to work 16 hrs today, so the rest of us drove up to his work and spent some time with him there. That was the best part - getting to be together today wherever it happened to be!
  8. Emu oil is a carrier oil that closely resembles our own cells. if you add some emu oil to the ointment, it will actually cause it to penetrate deeper and will work better on muscle aches that it would without it. Thanks for this recipe! Merry Christmas!
  9. Me either, but now I'm feeling guilty about it...
  10. http://mormonfoodstorage.blogspot.com/2008...e-your-own.html Try this one. It's much cheaper.
  11. Here are the ones I've been making. http://mormonfoodstorage.blogspot.com/2008...e-your-own.html They work great!!
  12. I have cleaned mine when cleaning the oven. It works great!
  13. Did you know that the flu is the 6th or 7th top killer of people, behind heart disease, strokes, and respiratory disease? Most people don't think it is serious, yet my oldest DS was PARALYZED when the flu attacked his spinal cord instead of settling in his lungs, like it does for most people. While the flu usually does go for the lungs, it really can attack anywhere. I have known YOUNG people who needed heart transplants because the flu attacked the heart. Most of them died waiting on a heart...
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