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  1. You only need one or two kids, just call them #7 and #9.
  2. check out Mooremaker Knives in Muleshoe, TX. Carbon steel, made in USA.
  3. I have three types of prickly pear around the house and yard, two don't have thorns, the cow tongue does and it has grown as much as 8 feet in height on some plants. Pads, fruit, jelly Mesquite has thorns, and the beans make a good jelly, and when ground with the right type of equipment, a flour that is good for diabetics. Dewberries along the driveway, viscious, good fruits for cobblers and jelly. In places in Texas, agarita, good berries, will eat you up if you aren't careful. Ed
  4. I bet she has bobcats and a mountain lion or two in the area as well. ED
  5. Tuna comes to mind for a small portion. Soups and stews. Pasta leftovers can be used with different types of toppings. Many things can be put in the fridge or freezer in smaller portions.
  6. I grew up coming home from school to hang up my clothes and change in to play/work clothes. Dress clothes were worn several times before being laundered/cleaned. My ex had the washer dryer going daily, never hung anything up, just grabbed out of the clean pile and kept ironing board up and ready to go.I pretty much live now as when I was growing up. I wear the same pants and shirts several times to town before washing them. I have my home clothes, that get washed when they need it. Towels are hung to dry after use, wash cloths and underwear go on clean daily. No one here but me and the dog, so house cleaning isn't really a priority, I usually invite company over to make myself clean the whole house. I bathe at night, so sheets go longer than a week between washing. How long is for me to know. Ed
  7. I keep pretty much to myself. Of my friends, three or four are teachers concerned about job cutbacks. Some of the big schools talking about cutting the teachers hired in the last 3 years, that puts one of my friend in jeopardy as she moved to another district this year, and has only 6 or so years left until retirement, but if she loses her position, with a glut of other teachers, that could be trouble. Her oldest son is at home still and has been cut to 10 hours a week, which won't make his car payment. Youngest is 16, but shows no incentive to find a job. Another friend, a widow, is dealing with work issues and the business may be in danger. She has DD and grandkids on her place in a mobile, and DD can't make enough to live anywhere else, boys always have their hand out as well. Her place is paid for but the taxes are higher than some house payments. None of these folks talk about any kind of preps, don't garden, and only see job security as a prep. Another friend, I THINK, does prep to an extent. They have a good sized pantry at least, older house on large lot in town, small garden, hunts and fishes often. Wife stays home. Son and DIL live next door but they are a drain as well. My kids, DD is losing job next week, due to company closing. She plans to sub, as has found no teaching position. DS in Army, on 3rd marriage, barely a pot and window rented. I try to nudge these folks, the widow grew up in a family that did it all, but won't hardly put a few pepper plants out in the flower beds, and she has 5 acres with a spring fed creek flowing through. All I can do is make strong suggestions, and try to be prepared to assist as I can. Ed
  8. I am in possession of letters my grandfather wrote his parents and later my grandmother. These are well over 100 years old. I have no problems reading his beautiful script. Furthermore, holding and reading these letters gives a personal connection that no email, text or IM ever will. He held the pen and formed the letters himself, he held the paper, addressed the envelope. Even the wording makes it possible to get the feel or mood he was trying to convey. That just doesn't happen in tech generated correspondence. What if the system shuts down? No phone or email available? Cursive is much easier to read than childish print with the letters ALL spaced the same so that there are no clear words, just a jumble of letters, sortoflikethisifyouknowwhatimean. Ed
  9. May not belong here, but, news this week is that cursive handwriting is on the way out. This distresses me. The last year I taught, Friday was penmanship day. I have fountain and dip pens that I frequently use. My dad and an uncle were bookkeepers at cotton gins and their penmanship was a thing of beauty. IMO, it stimulates the mind to think of what is being said, improves language skills, and is an art form in itself. It is faster than printing. It does not require specialized equipment, electricty, batteries, cable, internet or anyother high tech resources, and can be done by the most penniless of the populace. Removing this from curriculum would be a tremendous error. Feel free to comment. Ed
  10. Put a light coat of lard on that found skillet, put in oven for 1 hour at 200, up to 300 for another hour , then 400 for an hour. No smoke from the oven, next day I did it again due to missing a spot or two, it, and the others I put additional seasoning on are black as night and ready to go. I do believe lard beats shortening hands down for seasoning cast iron. Ed
  11. yesterday, i was poking around in a shed and found a skillet that went thru a house fire in 98. When i pulled it from the ashes i just knocked it around to get the ash off and thre it in the shed and forgot about it. I brought it back to the house, put a wire brush on a hand drill, and in about 20 minutes or less it looks like it just came out of the mold. Baked on crud that needs to be removed, I just gather those up and put em in the oven now and then, set the oven on clean, after they cool down, i rinse well, wash with soap and water, rinse several more times with hot water, dry it on the stove burner and it is like new and ready to season again. I only had one so far that was too far gone to salvage, heavily pitted on cooking surface, but the dog doesn't care when her food is placed in it. use a smaller one made in taiwan for the cat food. Ed
  12. One reason to specify brands is that they want American made items, not Chinese, because of fear of lead poisoning. 50 pencils is a tad much to bring to school to put in a grpup fund. I have picked up that many and more on sidewalks and in hall ways in a week, put them in my desk for those that don't have one. Probably haded out the same pencil 50 times in a year doing that. I required blue or black ink in my classes, because I could see it easier, those pastel inks the girls want to use faded into the paper before my eyes. Ed
  13. I saw it in a theater, figured the sp effects would look better on the big screen, and that was the best part of the movie for me.
  14. As far as stocking the stores, growing up we bought groceries at a little country store, Uncle John only stocked what HE liked. You got Del Monte catsup or nothing. Limited space was the reason. There was one brand of most items on his shelves. If an item was wanted that he didn't carry, you went to town to get it, if enough people asked for it and commited to buy it he would stock it, but it required a lot of folks asking for it. He carried almost everything you needed, for everyday needs though.
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