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  1. Hello all! I had a nifty experience this morning I thought I'd share with you all. I recently came into a bit of money, and was able to pay off ALL of our credit cards (thank you Aunt Marj!). When I went out to get in my car to go to work this morning, the windshield was covered with frost. I haven't yet put the ice scraper in my car, and I was running a bit late, so I rummaged in my purse and found the cancelled credit card. And you know what? It does a DANDY job of scraping frost off a windshield! Guess I'll hang onto that card for a while longer!
  2. I'll have to get DH to upload the pics. And a quick update -- we had the first package of deer steaks from this doe last night for supper. I think she must have spent her entire life just lounging around the forest reading romance novels and eating bonbons, because she was just the tenderest thing I have ever tasted. The steaks were backstrap-tender, I'm not even kidding.
  3. Do you think you could use horehound candy instead of just the plain sugar? It's a thought....
  4. So on Halloween, since I am a writer of ghost stories, I had a book signing to go to. This one was at a nearby Barnes & Noble. I was pretty excited, as I'd never yet managed to get myself into that particular store for a signing before this. So I dressed up in a nice skirt (courtesy of my wonderful sister), a white shirt, and black heels (courtesy of the same sister and our mad shopping trip in September). On the way to the store, I noticed a nice-looking (read: not too smashed-up) doe at the side of the road. I didn't have time to stop and check her out before the book signing, s
  5. [quote name='Pixie' date='Aug 23 2010, 05:27 PM' post='340150' We have been cleaning thier ears with cotton swabs, and giving them olive oil drops. I figure there must be something that I can ad to the olive oil that will help. Garlic? rosemary? Chrysanthemum? tea tree? The only advice I have to add is to try mullein flower oil. It's supposed to be good for earaches in humans, so I'd bet it couldn't hurt in a dog or cat. Mullein flowers are past their prime now (they bloom in July where I live), but you should be able to get some at a health food store, if you can't make it yours
  6. Of course! I'd love to! I've been wild food foraging for ... okay, for a really long time. I'm always happy to share the knowledge.
  7. Hey all. Remember about two years ago when I asked for help identifying a plant I thought was some sort of pin cherry, only I couldn't post pics because I didn't have a phone that would do that at the time? I found out what that bush is, and it's not what I thought it was. It's not a cherry of any sort. It's autumn olive, or autumnberry. And once I identified it, I see it alllll over the place at the park in town. (Huge expanse of green space, horse trails, etc.) I happened to get the book Nature's Garden by Samuel Thayer. Not only did he help me identify wild black cherry, he a
  8. Say, that's a good idea. We've got a great gun shop in town; perhaps I'll ask there. And running an ad in the Tradin' Post couldn't hurt, I guess -- I'll have to figure out the logistics of that one. Thanks for the advice!
  9. Hi all! I hope someone can help me out with this. I posted a while ago that I had "harvested" a lovely roadkill doe last November. I skinned her out, and she had the most gorgeous winter coat on her. I cleaned the skin and salted it very well, and it is currently rolled up and sitting in my attic. The weather's starting to get warm (starting!), and I know I have to get this skin out and deal with it somehow. The thing is, I have absolutely no time to tan a hide right now. I had, like, eight book signings in April alone, and my summer weekends are booked up. I have book signings sched
  10. I don't think it is weird at all. We do butcher our goats and we be willing to sell/barter/trade you a goat skin, however we do not have any that we will be butchering any time soon so I cannot help you right now. I hope you are able to find one. See, I really need to check in more often.... I see that your reply to my original post was in mid-December. Are you now (end of May) approaching goat-butchering time? I'm an urban (well, urban-ish) kid, so I don't know when these things happen. Please let me know, and I swear I'll check this thread from time to time!
  11. All this stuff I've been making is made with the flowers of the dandelions. It's very labor-intensive, because you have to separate the flower petals from the green base. (That's the only batch of wine I have EVER had to throw away -- the first batch of dandelion wine I ever made, I left the green part on. DO NOT DO THIS. ) You can use the dandelion syrup on pancakes, or in baklava (I've got a recipe for that). Like I said, the stuff I made got waaaaay overcooked. I'll be starting a batch of dandelion cordial on Wednesday, which calls for some honey, so I'll use the overcooked syrup for
  12. Oops ... came home just now and went to bottle the dandelion syrup that I had left on the stove to cool when I went to work. Guess I cooked it a leeeetle too long, 'cause instead of dandelion syrup, I have dandelion honey. Not that there's ANYTHING wrong with that!
  13. This weekend, I went out into the woods. I have finished: a batch of dandelion jelly (8 quarter pints and a bigger jar that will be used right away that I didn't bother to seal), a batch of dandelion fizz (because that elderflower champagne last year was just SO wonderful), and a batch of dandelion syrup. I am still in the middle of: violet syrup, a batch of herb beer (small beer, like the dandelion fizz, with dandelions and nettles), and a batch of lilac wine. I picked the lilacs from a huge bush in some generous soul's backyard. The aroma of the blooms just about knocked me over
  14. MMMMmmm...weeeeeeds... Seriously, has anyone else here tried nettles? Or milkweed? I like milkweed shoots even better than green beans. Wow, they are GOOD. Loves me some lambs quarter, too. I pick bunches of nettles every spring and dry them for use throughout the year. (They don't sting once they're dried.) I make my kombucha every Sunday morning, and that's what goes into the pot with the tea and sugar -- a generous fingerpinch of dried nettles. If I'm thinking of it, I'll crumble some into soups, too.
  15. Okay, now I'm picturing how I can use all the kombucha vinegar that I have sitting around 'cause it's WAY too sour for me to drink straight!
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