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  1. CoM mentioned Crohn's disease ~ this might well be worth taking a close look at. And take a close look NOW ~ not when you have messed around and allowed the inflammation to get out of hand and a bowel has become blocked and some hot head surgeon rushes in to fix it. Crohn's is an autimmune disorder, it cn be treated but not cured and surgery can NEVER correct the problem, only offer a very temporary stop-gap solution and will cause WORSE problems down the road. Go see a gastroenterologist, they will start off probably wanting a colonoscopy, a small bowel follow through, a camera end
  2. That was me a year ago!! My brand shiny new pressure canner had me shaking and tear-y eyed the first time I used it, I mean I was all but hysterical. BUT ~ thanks to all of the wonderful knowledge I'd gleaned from this site and because I followed the instructions on everything very carefully, I used it all last summer and fall and never blew up a thing. Nor did I poison anyone. The blog is interesting, but I'll agree that the set-up she used just doesn't mirror what any of might experience in a rl situation.
  3. It doesn't; at least my AA doesn't. It's supposed to jiggle 1 to 4 times a minute ~ which, when I first got it, made for an extremely tense time. I mean, good grief ~ I was a nervous wreck, trying to time it and keep track and adjust the heat!!!! But, like everything else in life, I got used to it ~ by the end of that first month, I could actually sit and read a book while listening and keeping up with it just fine.
  4. Thank you for the input! I've never actually used any of those glass lids with the gaskets. I do have a couple of older jars like that, though, with the clasps; I use only use them for 'decoration' ~ to occasionally put candy in at Christmas time.
  5. I read an article in an organic gardening magazine thatmade a great bid deal about how Ball, Kerr and a couple of other companies use BPA ( Bisphenol A ) in the stuff they coat the inside of their canning jar lids. I hadn't realized this before ... but since the article seemed to be really ramping up & praiseing a certian companies glass lids and special hars, I figured I'd better check inot it before I freaked out too badly. I found this on FreshPreserving.com Has anyone got any better, unbiased information? Almost everything I'm finding by 'Googling' is suspect, p
  6. In the North Carolina mountains.
  7. Just to update on my stevia, in case my experiences can be of any use to any one else. My stevia plants have finished flowering. I took the flowers and hung them in a paper bag to dry; we'll see if the seed is any good or not next year. I tried to root cuttings from the plants (I tried cuttings from both before and after they flowered), but it's been a dismal failure ~ none of them have grown roots, not even a sign of it. As my plants are in a pot rather the ground I am going to bring them in for winter. They are very tall and 'leggy', so I cut one down to about 4 inches
  8. Yes, vine, I did; and it just doesn't dissolve like I think a sweetener ought to. Maybe I'm just spoiled, used to sugar & honey ~ but even powdered,the stevia tends to kind a jang around and makes my tea look murky. Not pleasant, not to me anyway; of course, what is it they say ~ Your mileage may vary?
  9. Well, my stevia finally started to bloom. I took several cuttings from the plants to root and will see if the flowers give any viable seeds. From what I have read, the seeds aren't the way to go ~ but I like to experiment on my own, too. I never did find a satisfactory way to use the leaves in my tea (or any beverage, for that matter). Hot, cold ~ fresh leaves/dry ~ whoel/shredded ~ doesn't seem to make a difference, it just doesn't do a whole lot for me. But I have discovered that when I pound the dried leaves into powder that it is VERY tasty sprinkled on oatmeal or raisin bran or a
  10. Thank you all. Yes we removed the rings the next morning, before storing the jars ~ & I thought I had wiped the jars off. Obviously not, of course ... but then maybe I did and they needed, instead, the more thorough washing with soap & water as Violet says. You can bet your last goose that that's what they'll get from now on!! <still kicking self for being careless>
  11. I was checking out the shelves of canned tomatoes and notice that several of the jars had mold around the edge of the jars! Now, the seals are good ~ there is no mold actually inside the jars, or actually on the lids themselves. It looks to be a case of 'crud left on jars and not washed properly before storing'. I pressure canned these, and I remember one batch had a vacuum form inthe canner (had to use a butter knife to 'break' the lid loose), so I'm guessing that some of the liquid was sucked out and left as a film on the jars and that is where the mold came from. This has never
  12. I have heard (just heard, mind you ~ not tried it out myself or actually seen it done) that grinding/chopping and then cooking in a small amount of water could result in a syrupy kind of mixture. A point was made of how you have to really chop/grind up those leaves and stems to release the stevioside (the chemical responsible for the sweetness) into the water. My three plants are a couple of feet tall and doing well, I plan to experiment later in the summer/early fall when they flower ~ everything I've read thus far claims that it the time to harvest for peak sweetness. In my (admittedl
  13. A quick pickle note here: having been blessed this year with more jalapeno peppers than my family can even begin to use (and we use ALOT), I've been experimenting and discovered that sliced jalapeno 'rounds' pickled with a 'bread & butter pickle' recipe are FABULOUS!!! Just thought I'd share.
  14. All I've run into lately are people who either a) just spent gawd knows how many $$$ for landscape trees (not, mind you, anything practical ~ no fruit trees, just pretty things) or b) are sending their kids off to elaborate and very expensive summer camps or c) openly laughed at me for having as many tomato plants in my garden as I do or d) wanted to know if I really thought that H1N1 stuff was still around .... In other words ~ no, I haven't seen an uptick in any sort of prepping going on in my neighborhood.
  15. Texas Fatality was from Mexico The child that passed away was from Mexico and being treated in the US. Which doesn't make this any less tragic, it's always devastating when a child dies ~ but all the news agencies this morning were just a bit quick to jump, imho. : Christy
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