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  1. How much do you expect of your children in regards to housework? How much do you expect of an 8-year-old? A 5-year-old? I am trying to gauge if my expectations are realistic.
  2. This is all just sad. No one deserves to be shot at like this, regardless of beliefs.
  3. Shelaughs

    SUMMER '17

    It's been raining here for three days. The air is so damp, and thus everything that touches the air is damp. Bed -- damp. Couch -- damp. Attitudes -- damp.
  4. You can buy water in the paper cartons you get milk in now too. "Boxed water is better" is their slogan.
  5. My husband doesn't believe in "prepping". I think he views prepping as being the people you see on television, wearing gas masks to the grocery store and carrying assault rifles to pick up their kids from daycare, to take them home to their pantries of 200 boxes of expired Hamburger Helper. Anytime I mention "prepping" he rolls his eyes. For some, this might be a serious problem, or at worst, a deal breaker. BUT! I have come up with a solution to this problem. If he doesn't like the word "prepping", I simply rephrase everything in the mindset of... ..."self-sustainable". So our "self sustainable" lifestyle includes the following: permaculture farming, canning, thrifty living, dehydrating, forest safety, bread making, knitting, sewing, herbalism, naturopathy, and a 35 acre plot of land we purchased with a partner to build a "self-sustainable" community. This community will be all the things one might need should the economy collapse, etc. including solar and wind power, a community center, bees, gardens, livestock, and so forth. I've actually started to prepare our homeschool curriculum to include "self-sustainable" curriculum for our children, including permaculture, gardening, etc. Everything we do revolves around being "self-sustainable". He's so cute when he talks about it and in the back of my mind, I'm snickering and going, "You're such a prepper, honey".
  6. Our family is making a big change as we speak. My husband and our partner have bought 35 acres of property and are working on building a self-sustainable community for like-minded people to live on. He doesn't like the idea of stockpiling commercial foods -- he encourages me to develop the skills to make them myself. Why bother stockpiling pasta when you can learn to make your own, etc.
  7. I've come back to MrsS because I need to absorb everything here like a sponge. I'm a SAHM of two and a homeschooler and my darling husband has just lost his job. He's our sole breadwinner and has a lot of medical issues. He's pretty crushed. I'm not sure where our path will be leading, but I know God is in control of it, and despite the uncertainties, I am feeling optimistic and confident. Hoping for your prayers and lots of guidance!
  8. I will not pay more than $1.99/lb for meat, and I only stock up when it's $0.99/lb. Needless to say, we don't eat a lot of meat. But I agree with Andrea -- we very rarely wat meat. Our whoe family feels much healthier when we eat a vegetarian diet. We do buy flats of eggs for $7.99 -- works out to be $0.25 an egg, and that's farm fresh, non-battery cage eggs. We go through a flat every 5 days or so. Health-wise, you're only supposed to eat 1/2 lb of meat a week. Most peole eat way too much. I freeze cooked meat in 1 cup portions. That will feed our family of 4.
  9. Wow, you ladies are in popular demand! I signed up to join this group TWO YEARS AGO! I just got added today and couldn't be more excited. A bunch of sustainable/canning/homesteading/back to basics/live within your means/etc ladies chatting together? Now that's where I belong! I'm a SAHM of two homeschooling monsters who suck the life out of me, only to fill me with boundless joy and love. I'm also married to the sweetest, sexiest man I have ever met. I have an amazingly joyful life and I'm so excited to get chatting with you ladies.
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