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  1. this is a good subject to think about ... As a mid 30s woman myself I already feel a bit more limited then when I was in my 20s ... however my mother is in her 60s now and we have talked a little about what she would do (has multiple health issues) and I have really had to realize that she just CAN'T do even what I can. Considering the possibility of her moving in with us, and it sure changes some of my points of view when looking at prepping ... ~R
  2. Ohh ... mid ... yeaaa ... sounds like fun! *wonders if she could get anyone to keep kiddos* ~R
  3. Canned pears with miracle whip and shredded sharp cheese on um ... my dad used to eat these, and I picked it up from him ~R
  4. Good point ... everyone should do their own research on the pros and cons of each choice they make. ~R
  5. Thanks ... unfortunately my stove here is GE ... Starting to think maybe I should put off canning for awhile ... *sigh* I am hoping to move this coming spring, but am not at all sure I will be. ~R
  6. A good bottle of some Vit D3 ... and some good Vit C will serve much better then any drug. I also keep Garlic, Echinachea, Olive leaf, Elderberry... and a few others around at all times. Personally I would drop that Thera-Flu it just has too many risks for me. I also keep a variety of teas, mostly formulated for colds & respiratory issues, as well as chamomile and peppermint. As for electrolytes, some good unrefined salt (such as Celtic salt) is what I use for that. Distilled (white) vinegar will clean as well as any "disinfectant spray" and is totally safe to hav
  7. Ok ... I know this is a really old thread, however I just wanted to say THANK YOU!! .. I was going to post asking what kind/brand of pressure canner would be good to get but I think from reading this thread I can safely go shopping However I do have have one question ... I have an electric stove, since I am renting and it came with the house I don't really want to put $$ into an element unless its really needed. If I do get a canning element are they made to fit ANY stove? As in can it easily be taken with me and used on some other brand/model when I move next? And would a canning
  8. Eggs and Potatoes! ... and rice, as well as frozen veggies and oats. Of course flour, sugar, salt, pepper, onion, garlic, cinnamon, and other spices. As a mom I find these are very important (as well as economical) to keep around for fixing meals. Also baking soda/powder ... both very important to keep so you can whip up quick bread stuffs easily (muffins/pancakes etc). And ... some good basic cookbooks! (such as More with Less - http://www.amazon.com/More---Less-Cookbook...3568&sr=8-1 ) to help her out if needed. Kudos to you for being helpful to her, that will be
  9. Cool deal ... looks good ... then again I am not an avid gardener, so not up on seed prices. ~R
  10. Doing a bit .... checking on clothes (socks/jackets/coats/etc) and buying extras along as well. Still been pretty warm here for now, and winters don't get too bad most the time. Had forgotten about the bubble wrap on windows trick, thanks for the reminder! Have yet to go through a winter in this house so will see what I decide to do as far as the house (limited by the fact I am renting). Barely feels like fall here yet, so slowly getting gears shifted toward cold weather prep. ~R
  11. I've been doing that already, was just making sure there wasn't something I was missing. Thanks, ~R
  12. Sorry to hear that ... as many people as say they have tested them maybe they think thats enough now? ....... Anyone know of any way to buy just the rings by themselves? ... or do you have to get them with standard lids? or with new jars? Thanks, ~R
  13. Prickle, Thanks for reply, still not sure which way I wanna go, but I appreciate hearing from someone using them. Violet, Did you email more then once? I have read several blogs stating they got free ones to try for review? ... its possible your email got lost somewhere or something? Thanks! ~R
  14. Thank you ladies ... I have enjoyed reading here so far and meeting ya'll
  15. Blerg ... sorry for the double thread ... it gave me an error screen when I clicked to post it the first time .....
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