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  1. I am sorry! How disappointing! I also had this happen to a couple jars of pickles this year...it's really disheartening Shawna
  2. My bet would be moles. We have them something terrible here. Luckily our garden was not in an area they seem to prefer. If you have moles, you probably have grubs. Moles feed on grubs. So, you can either get rid of the grubs, or they have many traps for moles. Good luck! Shawna
  3. Thanks for all the info. I did try baking a skillet cookie on it the other night (see my other thread LOL!). I would love to get to the point where I don't have to turn on my electric oven at all. I haven't used my elec. stove since we put in the woodstove, just working on the oven part. I will have to get one of the camp ovens. And I am glad they come in more than one size! I bake alot, so a bigger one will definitely be handier. We would love to have a wood cookstove one day! I admit I look at cookstove sites and drool over those beautiful stoves!! Some day.....:-) Our wood s
  4. Well, chaulk it up to one experience tried and learned LOL! They baked great, except for the bottom, whihc had a lvely black crusty layer I tried setting my cast iron pan on the rack that's on the bottom of my canner, but it apparantly wasn't enough space between the pan and the stove. I used my water bath canning lid to cover the cookie, which worked good. So, next time I am going to try placing a cooling rack on the stove and setting my pan on that. Other than the bottom, they cooked up great! Will try another experiment later today LOL! Shawna
  5. This will be an all-out experiment as I am trying the cookies in the cast iron but am also baking them on the top of the woodstove. I used the toll house bar cookies recipe, so we'll see how it goes! I'll let ya know! Have a fabulous evening everyone!!!!!! Shawna
  6. Thank you for posting these! I made 16 coasters from the first pattern this afternoon.....super-super-duper easy! I am going to try to make some placemats in the same manner for Christmas gifts. This is an awesome little something to make up and have on hand for those quicky holiday gifts. Thanks for the link! Shawna
  7. Hi gals! Hope everyone's having a great day! I have a question.....we installed a woodstove a few weeks ago. It's plenty big for cooking meals on and coffee and all that great stuff. The surfaces are about 12" x 24" (there's two...'cept the one in the back, of course has the stovepipe coming through it). So, I was wondering about baking on it. How would I go about doing that? Cakes and such I can do in my cast iron beanpot with a lid on it, but for things like bread, cookies, pies, etc (I did see the skookie thread, so I am going to try that!), how would I get that all-around heating?
  8. How big is the pan?? I didn;t see a size in the description... If regular cookie mix didn't work, why couldn't you use a recipe like for Tollhouse bars (didn I spell that right??...doesn't look right to me LOL! A.K.A. chocolate chip cookie bars!!) I am gonna try this out in one of my CI pans! Yumm! Shawna
  9. Gosh, I had to reply to this thread....totally cracks me up! And every one of those descriptions sounds perfectly normal to me We have also received our Vermont Bean Seed and Totally Tomatoes catalogs....also got Pinetree Garden seeds before Thanksgiving. Woohooo!!! :banana2: Happy gardening! (or at least happy pouring over seed catalogs!!) Shawna
  10. It's ALWAYS past noon somewhere in the world! LOL, that's whay dh says too :cocktail: :banana2: Shawna
  11. Since they last post I've done 7 jars of pickles (the ones I had in the crock as of last post!), 8 jars of dill spears, 12 quarts of green beans, 2 quarts and 2 pints of pickled okra. We have been picking zucchini and crookneck like crazy. I have been dehyrating and freezing that. I also froze a little over 1/2 bushel of green beans the other day. Picked our first batch of jalapenos....holy cow, what a crop! I probably got 1/2 bushel of jalapenos that I froze....that was maybe 1/4 of what was on the plants. The rest I kept on to let them grow a bit more My MIL and I were going to p
  12. Our ped is a firm believer that a breastfed baby needs nothing else for the first year. I nursed dd for the first 4 months, but she was a voracious eater and we gave her cereals and baby food after that (and formula....I do wish I had nursed longer though!). I made almost all of her baby food. I used things I had canned (like peaches, applesauce, etc) and table food (meats, etc) from our meals. I threw them in the food processor (I had a baby food grinder but it didn't work very well, IMHO) and any extra I froze in ice cube trays. After they were frozen, I popped them out and put them in bags
  13. I heard as well that there's alot of this going around. My dd has had it since a week ago Sunday. Today is day 10 with the back door trots, as you call them Luckily she has not gotten dehydrated. She was at the doc's Thursday. Finally Sunday she started eating again. But since I wasn't having any trouble with her getting liquids, I figured Id just keep an eyeball on her. I sure hope you feel better soon!! Certaibly no fun being sick....and that goes double when you know you have so much work to do!!! Shawna
  14. Originally Posted By: farmgal Is it the sweat rolling down the backs of your knees or in your eyes that you love most? Or is it the fact that the flies won't leave you alone? Yeeeah, it's the sweat rolling down my forehead and onto the rim of my glasses. By then you are sweating so bad that when you go to wipe the glasses so you can see, your shirt is so wet from sweat that all it does is smear it around and you have a foggy mess LOL!!! Flies....and sweatbees.... DOn't worry, I just keep remembering that in another 4 months we'll be griping about how daggone COLD it is LOL!!!!
  15. This is my first big garden year, so this has been one giant learning experience! I learned: --To furrow beets deeper than I did. Many of them were pushing up out of the ground by the time I pulled them. --To stake tomato plants earlier than I did. I waited waaay too long and had a heck of a time staking them. --speaking of 'maters....I would rather cage than stake. Our tomatoes looked like they were on steroids this year! They became intertwined and like a jungle. Would have been much easier to have them caged, methinks. --if trying to train vines (pumpkin, etc) to
  16. Yes, I blieve FS is the old Tilia brand. I have a Foodsaver. The small one Tuesday Morning mentions is probably what I call the *try-it-out* version LOL! It sells for about 50 bucks everywhere else, and if I remember correctly, is only big enough to seal the small bags (small bags are basically as wide as a quart-sized freezer/storage bag at the grocery store....like the ziploc bags.) The bigger one will seal both size FS bags (Small bags are as described above...big bags are as wide as gallon size ziploc bags). I am not sure about the B&D sealer...I do know the B&D sealer bags st
  17. I am gonna chime in since I finally got to can out of the garden! In the past week or two, I've done 37 pints of beets, 9 pints of bread and butter pickles, 30 quarts of beans (did these with a friend and we split them!), and my MIL did dill beans from beans in our garden. I also have pickles in the crock that'll be ready to can tomorrow. Going to do dill pickles and more green beans today. Have a great day everyone! Shawna
  18. Adding my .02 on the sugar debate..... I canned peaches one year in straight water, no sugar or sweetener. They were terrible! No taste whatsoever. So, last year when I canned, I used about 1/2 cup sugar for a canner load of peaches (7 quarts). It's not much sugar, but what a difference! They taste like you pulled them off the tree 2 minutes ago! A little sugar can go a long way. And, you can eat them pretty uch immediately! Have fun! Shawna
  19. Thanks everyone! I did finally get on and am able to post now Yippee!!! I also registered for the other homesteading site and took a good lookie-loo through it the other night...great site! Thanks again for everyone's help! Have a great day everyone! Shawna
  20. Originally Posted By: Adam_MA Over the weekend, I took a trip to WalMart to pick up a few things, and to see what they had to offer for canning supplies. To say that I was disappointed in their selection of jars, would be an understatement. I think total, they had 4 cases of jars, all of which had been opened, and there was either an entire jar missing, or someone had removed lids or rings. The entire isle was disorganized, but they did seem to have a great supply of pickling products... I guess I will try another WalMart. There's one over the border in NH that I prefer over the one I went t
  21. I am also a freezer storage gal! I have a small yeast container (the glass ones you can buy....I used to buy it in those until I started buying it bulk...I think it *maybe* a 4-oz or so container) that I keep the stuff I am currently using in....and that stays in the fridge. When i's empty, I refill it from the stuff in the freezer. I keep it in the original container (if it's one of those freeze-dried packs) until I open it, then it goes into a foodsaver bag and I suck it up! Shawna
  22. Originally Posted By: lunamother friendly forums with a mostly harmless and good natured moderator Mostly harmless aren't alot of volcanoes *mostly harmless* too ????! LOL!! Just Kiddin'! I will check it out! Thanks! Shawna
  23. I am curious if anyone posts over there. I haven't been able to get a complete registration, so I can't post or anything. I emailed the site owner and haven't got a response. Was wondering if anyone could post over there that I am having trouble!! Thanks! Shawna
  24. Awesome canning job!!! Way to go! Isn't it great to see those jars....look so pretty Adam....I write right on my lids in sharpie marker. I have used labels on jars but I found it's too much work to get the goo off from the label Just my opinion!! Shawna
  25. Good for you Darlene! We just started getting bull calves in the beginning of May to raise for beef. We are buying ours from local dairy farms at 3 days old. We are picking up 4 more calves Saturday to give us a grand total of 7 calves. We'll have 5 jerseys and 2 holsteins. Now alot of people are pretty opiniontaed as to what breed gives you great meat, but we had jersey beef 2 years ago and it was awesome! So tender....not a bad piece of meat in the whole lot! We pay 15.00 a piece for 3-day old jersey calves, and 130.00/each for the holsteins. Jerseys do not get as big as holsteins, but
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