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  1. Mamacat I've got TVP sitting in my cupboard in the original bag. It's been there for about 6 months, do you think it would still be good. Have never tried TVP.
  2. More prayer needed, you got it.
  3. cartoongirl


    Woohoo! bet you are relieved!
  4. Okay, the frog has been located and now I have to wrestle ds to the ground to take it away without injuring the poor little froggy. See ya later.
  5. Yes Buttercup, Mommahen is much more pleasant. Tell that to my teen son. Ah, HE has a dry sense of humor. I don't know who he inherited that from I know what your thinking.
  6. As a mother of 3 sons, I don't know how you all hold it together as well as you do. H
  7. Yep, my ds did it now, there is a frog loose in my house. He said he had to bring it in. 2 year olds, oh well 1 out 3 aint bad. No one no body has ever brought something like that in the house before. Still searching. What a kid. LOL I posted in Thursdays thread earlier, beautiful day, gardening and thanking Darlene and Westbrook over and over in my head! ROFL Have a super weekend everyone. Blessings your way.
  8. That is so funny because I am thinking beans today... and was just out in the garden planting more....with canning in mind. LOL When my
  9. I'm in the garden today as well. Finally starting to look nice. Done it all by my own two hands so the final result will be very rewarding. The weather has been gorgeous all week long. Darlene REALLY made my day! I'm adding more beans to my garden today. Blessings to all. Westbrook has now taken me over the edge.....I'm flying now!
  10. I keep moving my rhubarb too Necie LOL. I have to say I love the look of the plant, so big and beautiful. Another tip for someone is as soon as you see the rhubarb coming up in the spring dump a bag of manure on top of it, rhubarb thrives on manure. The man at the nursery said he does this every year and his rhubarb is going strong after 11 years.
  11. At the nursery the man said to cut the flower off of the rhubarb. Thought I was an expert until today. I've got rhubarb seed growing all over my 8 plants of rhubarb and apparently this means the plant is stressed? I also noticed little red spots all over my leaves. Any idea what these little spots are. They are like reddy pink dots??? Thx. I'm going to leave the seed on some of the rhubarb and see what happens next year. My own little experiment.
  12. Yes, it is not just the bird flu I prep for believe me. I think dh has his head in the sand these days. Lots of stress from work. And yes, no matter what keep chugging along and do all you can.
  13. I was looking at the book, wanted to see the movie. I'm going to buy the book now. Thanks.
  14. Mine is a little bit out of the ordinary too. Wouldn't have it any other way.
  15. mmm you are making me hungry? That is a beautiful sight. I'm just an old fashioned chicken lady. Crazy chicken lady is what my son calls me. Nice hey?
  16. %- very concerned...it's real, it will happen. 13%- somewhat concerned. Stockpiling, doing all I can. 52%- Not very concerned. Can't do much about it anyway. 22%- Not at all concerned. It's probably media hype. 3%- Pandemic? Not a chance. 2%- Huh? What's avian flu? Little miffed at dh today. He said "what do you think of the Avian flu pandemic threat now, a little over blown"? Smack. So him saying that today: dh would have scored in the 22% media hype. Guess he forgets how he felt a month ago. I should have got that on tape! LOL I just looked at him and said, NO. Don't forget it's still out there and can happen at any time. Rolling eyes. Whatever. Maybe he's in a mood. Human beings are so complicated! LOL When there is another cluster and the news is covering it he will be back.
  17. Buttercup, not boring at all. Very nice!
  18. Just say Mexican and I come running. How pretty is that and so easy to make. Thx.
  19. Cavey, 90% but ds was whining....I'd say I would have scored 100% if he hadn't been around.
  20. Sure does feel like home. Glad you are back up and running.
  21. Very pretty name. Congrats!
  22. Amishway Homesteaders, LOVE your garden/yard. I just put those same woodchips or whatever around mine. My garden needs a little fixing up though. Thank you so much for the photo, very nice! I bet those little signs Michael made look just adorable over by the greenhouse. Over the weekend, Dh and I went for a walk far from our home. Anyways, one of the things we love to do is walk in a strange neighbourhood and look at people's houses/homes, especially at their gardens and such. I love quaint, creative yards and yours is definately in that category. Good for you guys for making such a nice yard. We got a new digital camera and I'm hoping to learn to post pic's this summer. Oh, another compliment. I was showing dh your greenhouse because that is the size I want beside my garden...he said your garden/yard is beautiful...awe.
  23. CUTE! It looks just like a peanut allright!
  24. Good morn all. Well, likely afternoon there. Nice family, snowmom, love pictures! Just wanted to congratulate LS on her new job! Good for you LS!!!! Bookworm, getting ready for company is NOT an easy task with kds underfoot. Either is exercising LOL!! Blessings all!
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