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Prepping for possible quarantines

Judy Moist

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I have been reading all the reports, about BF,I have decided I am going to really start upping my preps for this. I know they are saying,be prepared for 3 days, 7 days, 10 days.. I THINK NOT!!!!.. I have decided that I would,add at least 3 months supply to the preps I already have on hand... which would get us through about 7 months.Possibly longer,I just fear that once the pandemic ceases, what then,,how long will it take for suppliers to get back into business????

After I got off work last night. I went through the Pet department, Health and Beauty aids department and viewed the items on the shelves,,picked items I knew I would want oon my preps, and even wrote down the price.Tonight I will go through the candles and lamp oils etc... camping equipment.. this way I can come home, make a list of what Iwant to add, do the math.. and Know what we are looking at in the price range.. and then get busy!!!! of coure, I will get some things cheaper than what I would get it at walmart, because I can go to this little closeout store we have here and get shampoos, soaps,laundry detergent and softener, kleenex, and cleaning supplies, and some medications...and also I have my walmart discount...


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I agree. I've been trying to add as much as possible to my store at home, and I can see that if we do end up quarantined that it will be months, I am thinking 18 months of preps if I can manage it for all but food. I just can't store that much in my house! I am filling every corner I can.

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