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  1. I know my DH has a REALLY hard time making friends, somehow once we had kids it was like he forgot how Since we have moved here 3 yrs ago he has not made 1 friend. He goes to social events from the people he works with, but that is it. I have several RL friends, but none of them prep, and actually only a few even live in the same state as me! I have more online friends than RL friends, many of them here. I think in RL it is very hard to find like minded people who live close enough to you. We are I think around 1 in 1000 who prep. I would suggest finding a group like the local Red Cros
  2. I just finished re-reading all of them including the last one and wow I am still so captivated by this story. I had forgotten just how incredible a storyteller she is. This latest book had me all over the map in feelings. I know there has to be another one Sleep deprivation!
  3. I am sure this is one of the hardest things you've ever had to do
  4. Momo I use a website http://www.imageshack.us You just resize your pics, then go to Browse, and select the pic from your hard drive that you want. Once it is uploaded, you copy the URL and paste it in your post. It's so much easier than anything else I've tried, and it's totally free
  5. Guess I'll have to do better next time!
  6. How delightful Have fun planning it!
  7. HapyGirl


    Sorry you're having problems getting logged in! Hope they are able to get you fixed soon. In the mean time we missed you!
  8. Welcome Back ! You were missed
  9. Interesting! I vac sealed bags of spices using my foodsaver, and I have the qt jar accessory attachment and have vac sealed with it, but never thought of vac sealing little jars! I bet it would work and you could reuse baby food jars that way to seal small jars of spices!
  10. Since y'all were so kind as to clean my fridge for me while I was away.... and poor Cat was cheesecake deprived
  11. I'm leaving in the morning to visit my mom in ID for about 11 days. Taking the kids and the dog with me while DH has to work. Be good while I'm gone
  12. HapyGirl

    new here

    Welcome to Mrs-S Barebones
  13. I got it online at http://www.soapsgonebuy.com/ I don't think anyone carries it locally here either.
  14. Uh oh! Hope you catch your pesky theif! Remember there are probably several where that one came from- Mama coon out looking for treats for her babies at this time of year?
  15. HapyGirl


    We miss you Hope your DH gets a job soon!
  16. I am so shocked that someone would steal peoples plants right out of their garden
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