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The chopping block!!!!!

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Yep, I've actually done it!


I'm chopping mods off this forum, most notably MOTHER!


I've fired her from this manual, and I've done it for good reason!


Seriously, I talked with Mother today, and she has some health issues so I just felt it was in HER best interest to not have the pressure of this manual on her shoulders at this time. She's wrapped her arms around this manual with a love and concern only a true *mother* could have, but with all the other things going on in her life, she just needs to put herself first, and take care of herself so that we can all still enjoy, appreciate, love and care about her here at MrsS.


She will be sorely missed in this forum, but I care more about her as a person, than I do about this manual. We all care about this manual and wanna see it to completion, but not at the health expense of one of our members.


With that said, right now, we have our illustrious Schoolmarm and Jo still in place, but we really need additional *hands* in the pot to help pull this together. So, if anyone is interested in participating in pulling this manual together, please feel free to pm me and let me know. I personally don't have the time myself, and all one needs is a little common sense (that excludes westie of course rofl) so any help would be appreciated.


Until then, we'll keep plugging along, and when it's time for the manual to be completed, it'll happen THEN.


(((((mother)))))) We love you.

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Mother, Nothing is as important as you are! so get well first!

I agree. Nothing is more important than you and your health. Darlene will get someone to help out so you won't have to worry about it. Take care of yourself.
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