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Thought I would share my new kit list


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Current EDC survival kit


I am a little annoyed that I had all that text formatted in different sizes and now it's all gone to hell looking.

But here it is anyway.


This is far from a 72 hour kit, but let me know what you think.

Oh and I can provide pics if needed.


This kit has largely been redesigned because of my new hobby. Parkour. In which the need to be able to just run, jump, roll etc are highly in need. I needed a system that would not get in the way in these activities nor be swinging all over the place when I did. This new pouch sticks out from under my shirt a little way but I can live with that.

The pouch itself is a very well deigned piece especially good for a first aid kit. Which is another reason for this kit, immediate relief if the worst in a fall did happen and I needed pain killers or dressings etc, just the basics till I got home or to hospital. At the same time good enough to do for a walk into the woods for a night. What I do not have as yet is a good water carry system unless I carry it in the hand, I am however working on a leather water bottle which combined with a laundry bag will have it's own belt attachment system. I suppose it could be thrown over the shoulder on a strap too.







Mole skin trousers

I have several pairs of these now as I like them so much, they are tough, have good warm when wet ratios and dry quickly when they are wet. Also the pockets are lined with mole skin not a cheap linning which will fall apart in a year. I have been using these trousers now for about two to two and a half years rotating between two, only now have I wanted a new pair, Mainly because of the fading dye. One small hole is all the wear and tear they show so far. And remember I spent four months every day dragging kids through mud, [oops... said a bad word], rocks, woods and all sorts so they have seen some considerable use. The inner edge also carries it's own spare buttons.

Merino base layer top

I have a range of these now and usually wear only two in the winter, some patterns seem tougher than others but all offer excellent temperature control

Merino boxers

Same again, not cheap but good temperature control

Smart wool socks

If I am going out to specificallyI will choose the thicker ones for added bounce, and they still do not give blisters or make my feet sweat overly.

Light weight trainers

Merrels to be precise the chameleon with added ankle support, very light, shock absorbant and fantastic grip on natural terrain, but they kinda suck on wet metals.

Double buff head cover

Seperated these can be used as mittens, but good for towels, head band, hair band, beanie caps etc,if tied at the bottom can also be used to carry leaves or light foods. These go into pocket if waterproof hat is used that day.

Black army shirt

Mole skin again, tough as hell, but I do need to find something equally as tough but with better breathability.


Carried on person


Left wrist

Braided leather braclet

Only enough to tie something as a necklace, but strong enough to tie a snare lashing or similar.


Right wrist

Timex expedition

Such a tough watch, with chronograph stop watch, dual alarms, night light etc


Left hip

Khukri frog

Used initially incase I needed to grab khukri on the way out, bandana was added to make it look like it was designed for it.


Stored on frog used to carry Khukri , has many uses including water collection, first aid etc

Pouch attached to frog

The pouch straps fit under the frog and is held fairly snugly in place, if needs be the bandana can also be passed through a belt loop for extra security.


Right hip

Mobile phone

Aside from beinghandy for calling in emergencies, can be used to hold pictures and information, for example accupressure pics. Pics of edible foods etc I am currently working on getting these edible food pics of the area I just moved into.

Zippo pouch

Can be taken apart and used as lashings for snares, spears etc, also stores three spare flints.


Can obviously be used for fire, and has one extra wick in base. When fuel runs out, I have some backed up in fuel canister, When that runs out I can still use the spare wicks carried for a long time igniting cotton wool or downy material or the rayan can also burn briefly.

Fire steel

I have a sweedish fire steel on a larks head attached to the belt loop. This is I think the most reliable fire lighting method I have ever used.


Right [azz] pocket


Made of light weight and tough pig skin

Carpenters scraper

This can be used to create fine tinder from even the wettest woods by splitting it and scraping it, even if you can't split it it can still be scraped until the dry inner is reached, If the whole thing is wet then the muck scraped off can be pressed and rolled to remove excess water then stored against the body to dry. Can also be used for making tools or weapons such as a rabbit stick or bow and arrows. It is also used as my fire steel scrape. Mirror polished it could be used as a heliograph. This tool is maintained using the diamond file and sharpening steel. It can be sharpened on ends and used as a small axe or hatchet, in emergencies it could be used as a blade in a fight. Airlines have never even glanced at it.

Curved end used as a hanging hide scraper, Flat end can be used as a tanners beam hide scraper, Helps in cutting leather thongs acting as a jig guide, Can have one end sharpened up on the curve for skinning (sharpen only if in survival situation), Height guage could be made out of it using the hole for the heliograph and a stick on protractor, With the addition of a trig table this could help determine distances and lengths eg length or rope for cliff climbing etc.

Victorinox swiss card

Contains Knife, scissors, biro pen, tooth pic, nail file, protractor, ruler, blister pin and tweezers. This knife I would probably use a a skinning blade and leather working blade as the steel is very good at holding an edge. the tweezers are handy for splinters, the biro is a back up of another, the tooth pic can be used quite efficiently with the blade as a mirror, The scissors are much better than you would think if you didn't own a set allready. The protractor and ruler come in quite handy when making notes. The nail file isn't the greatest but it does work. The pin is very handy.

Zippo Flints

These are stored inside a straw and sealed at the ends. They last a long time and can be used even with downy materials.

Zippo wicks

Wrapped around the straw these are spare for either zippo or candle making with oils or fats

Sharpening steel

This has a rather coarse edge but is usefull for quick touch ups, I can comfortably sharpen an eight inch blade with it.

Photos in zip loc

Of all my closest friends, maybe I am a bit sentimental but they are sure to make a good reason for living in the arse end of no where.

Photo ID

Kinda standard over here unfortunatly, but fortunatly at 26 I still get asked for it occassionally.


Obviously used for fishing, even though I have currently misplaced my hooks and line.

TIn foil 47 by 47 cm

When this is folded right it can be used as a temporary pot, with the addition of paper clips it holds its shape better and longer.

Freezer bags

In a zip loc bag to keep them organized and tidy, and to avoid abrasion against the leather inside. Can be used to store berries, leaves and nuts etc while on the move. Water can be stored in them, or warmed water can be placed in them tied up and then used to add heat to the body over night leaving clean water for the next day. They can also be used to collect water from trees and plants when it is sunny. If filled with water and tied off they could be carried inside the laundry bags. I choose freezer bags because they are by their very design suitable for cold weather use.


Left pocket

Hojo cord

A four metre very strong leather thong good for many uses but primarily there for the tying up of any attackers if the need should arise. Also has obvious cordage uses temporary bag straps belts etc.

Head phones

No specific survival use here but they are lined with nylon cord so has some basic cordage use.

Chewing gum

Fresh breath on the go or simply for clearing the nasal passage if it is blocked, also handy for keeping the saliva flowing.

Paper money

When I have it it is stored in here as opposed to the wallet, unless I have a larger amount to carry for any specific reason.


Right pocket

Leather man

With Pliers, Hard/Soft Wirecutters, Corkscrew, Bottle Opener, Diamond File, Wood File, 4x Screwdrivers, Awl, Wood Saw, Scissors, Serrated knife, Straight Knife. All these things are up to par with what you would expect except for the lateral strength of the pliers, unfortunatly they are a little twisted now.


I always keep small change in this pocket


Left leg

On key ring

Spare zippo fuel canister

This holds aproximatly four to five hours worth of fuel and gives of a surprising amount of heat when used as a candle, it can also simply refill the zippo. This if empty could also be used as a candle holder in the future using animal fats. The top makes for an excellent fire bow grip, And the bottom of it is shaped perfectly for grinding foods though a bit small it is fully functional.

Boot lace

I have a spare boot laced braided around a solid welded steel ring, the ring could be used for snares and traps and the lace for a back up or a quick tie soloution to a small problem.

Tin opener P-38

I have always carried one of these though it gets used less these days for alternative problems, I still carry it.


Just what I need plus a handcuff key

Mini bear jaws

WIth Pliers, Wire cutter, 1 3/4 blade, 2 screwdrivers, Bottle opener, Nail file and small Ruler. The pliers are the toughest I have ever used and well worth the price tag they came with.


Right leg

Pocket chain saw

This is the best pocket saw on the market no questions. And if your creative you can make an old fashioned twine saw with it.

Kubotan sewing kit,

Four sailing needles 100, 80, 70 and 60mm. These work to a point passing a triangular cross section designed to be highly corrosion resistant, Two round awl tips for leather work 70 and 50mm, one leather diamond tipped awl 35mm, Eight razor blades designed for leather cutting in leather binding. Large eye large needles 100 and 90mm, Four regular eye small needles 30-40mm Two fabric pins, 40mm safety pin, Large and small leather thonging needles brass screw types. Ten metres of regular stong nylon thread wrapped around a hollow plastic pipe which keeps most of the small needles bundled nicely. The entire kit is so tightly packed it doesn't even rattle especially with the suede disc at the bottom end. If needed the kubotan can be used as a float, Priest when fishing, or more importantly a self defence weapon as it was designed to be.



Probably vital for minimal maintenance of hair in the wild or on the move.

Note book A6

Custom made with printed survival info inside it needs a lot more info and eventually it will have but for now it's functional. Leather front and back can be used as a strop, and leather edge braiding can be removed and shortened for additional cordage use.


The old survival triple pack without the rest, the spoon still has the notches on it which is extremely handy when cooking with mess tins.


Shirt pocket left

Caran dache Biro

I am a designer and a fiddler which means I use my note books a lot. The pen is simply high quality and strong enough to gauge the eyes.

Caran dache Automated pencil

The pencil is the most used, I prefer automated because extra leads take up very little space, and I do not use the pen in note book incase I need to erase notes for more relevant survival info sapce.

Parker pen

My regular calligraphy pen because in a small way I am an artist with my writing and I care about haveing it so.


Yes unfortunatly I do and this is where there kept.

Bus pass

When I have the money a seven day pass bus is kept in here.


Shirt pocket right

Food for free book

For uk use only, this book is pretty basic but holds enough info for me to at least stay alive with.

Contact phone numbers

Incase phone is lost or stolen.


For the removal of useless notes of course.




Carried kit inside Life adventure pack


On strap

Emergency whistle pea less design, Extremely loud, loud enough to silence a couple of hundred excited kids at camp and quite quickly I might add.


Out side pocket

Kubotan filled with Potassium Permanganate


Esbit stove

Of course this is designed to be used with fuel tablets however it makes a good pot balance that can be dumped into the middle of any fire, It is also used as an abrasive resistant container for the emergency blanket.

Emergency blanket

Makes for a blanket or a temporary shelter

Spare pencil leads

Crammed into a holder for the purpose

Head torch

Three light settings plus a strobe. Also comes out as a hat band when the kangaroo cowbow hat is used.


Inside open out section




Slot 1 Malt vinegar

Specifically added for wasp stings.

Slot 2 Antiseptic wipes

For cleaning messier cuts

Allergy tablets times 7

I don't get allergic reastions really but some do.

Slot 3 Blister plasters

Just a couple and just incase

Slot 4 Pain killers Nurofen

Liquid action are simply the quickest acting I know of over the counter

Antivomit pills

For my girl friend who gets migraines to vomit point often


Inner side pocket

Selection of steri strips Quite a few because minor cuts are very common in the wild

1 5cm by 5cm melolin dressing

1 10cm by 10cm Melolin dressing

Both of which are still sealed, Mainly for larger grazes and protection from infestation on large wounds.


Inner top pocket Stored inside laundry bag

Water proof note book

My back up note book, because occassionally I am using the other one at home and forget it.

Water proof map case Storing........

UK map

For general large scale moving

Millbank bag

The most important of my water filters, Makes a good dry four litre storage system which can be thrown over the shoulder if space is needed for foods etc.

Kendel mint cake

For emergency energy.

6 Inch hack saw cut off

If I need to cut small amounts of metal for any reason.

13 feet of snare wire

Wrapped up and tied to avoid snags.

4 Spare AAA batteries

For the head torch though it only needs three it is still sealed in plastic.


For messages in sunlight or attracting attention.

Emergency matches

Stored in ziploc and cotton wool to pack it and provide extra fire lighting methods.




Inside laundry bag

Sealed latex gloves

I haven't found non allergenics yet.

2 Times 5cm by 5cm sterile dressings

I think it's obvious.

Triangular bandage 96 cm by 96 cm

1 Meopore adhesive dressing medium

Polysporin antiseptic cream

Not as good as neosporin but good enough.

8m of dyneema on quick release system

For main cordage use, this stuff is very strong 550lbs and thinner than paracord.

Dental floss

Can be used also as a fishing line or back up small cordage, it can be twisted into cord fairly easily.


Stuck in the bottom when closed

Roll bandage sealed





The additional storage capacity of this kit is quite large, the two laundry bags are light weight and strong, they can be easily removed and placed on the belt or tied together and thrown over the shoulder etc. They also make it easier to get to the contents in the kit. The mill bank bag takes up a fair bit of space but when empty provides a good deal of space too approximatly four litres worth.

If I go somewhere expecting to carry more substantial things, a titanium pot and water bottle are the first to go in, the bottle inside the pot and the pot lid beside.

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8thSinner, I read through your list with interest. Just wondering...have you had an experience that makes the amount of cordage you prefer necessary? Also, you use some specific brand names I have no knowledge about. (Kubotan) as an example. I was able to infer some instances; but some excaped. I enjoyed reading your list; you seem well thought out about your needs. I am looking forward to reading more.

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My experience is woodland use, cordage is the second most important tool after a knife in my opinion. It can be made by reverse twisting but that takes ages, lime for example too has a lot of prep time before you even think about twisting.

You can save time for small projects by using water roots from some trees but that inevitably damages your boots or your back depending weither you dig them out or kick them out. Aside from that I love knot work and braiding etc so it doesn't bother me to have some on hand everywhere.

Plus I think when you can make cordage you realise how much easier it is to buy it in advance.


Also if your in a survival situation that cordage may just keep you alive allowing you to more quickly rig up a shelter instead of wasting time with weaving and more carefull placing of woods.


Making a guille (camo suit) could not be easier with some cordage just make a chain of heavily leaved branches on the cord then proceed to tie and wrap it around you.

Of course theres the method of using fishnets and sticking leaf litter in it, but thats essentially a cord net right......


As for the kubotan it is a device used for self defence, other variations include the yawara stick and koppo stick.

This is the one I use.....



By the way those spiked whilst not great for throwing do make very good and tough awls. Especially with braided handles.



This kubaton (E) with the knife broken off is my potassium permanganate carrier.



This picture is a class demo of a thumb lock, it can be applied from a normal hand shake without the kubaton however with the kubaton there is like a 500 precent increase in efficiency.



This image here shows how to use the tip of it. Super man would feel that strike....


More info on defence......


If you are interested in the self defence side I have several e books I can share....


One more thing on the kubotan, as a test I had my father hold a replica gun (cigarette lighter) full size and weight, to me in order to asses the speed and use of the kubotan. From a direct head on view, I managed to move to the side and desable the possibility of him moving the gun towards me, he could still fire, but then he tried to use force, and he is a strong guy (is that just a father thing?) SO I decided to use a more potent lock, using the area .......Follow the back of your thumb down and the notch before the wrist bone....... He dropped it immediatly and almost smacked me in the mouth he was in that much pain and shock. and very pissed of that the gun left a rather large dent in the solid beach wooden floor.

ANd I didn't really use any force. hehe

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