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The Top 10 Things To Do While Confined In A Space Station


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Roll down the window and throw beer cans at passing satellites.


Play some rather boring games of Solitaire.


Try to bust that myth of Lays Potato Chips: Betcha Can't Eat Just One!


Come up with as many wacky Top 10 List Topics as possible so Top 10 Boy will have work to do into the New Year.


When the NASA camera is off, dance around to "Blue Jean" by David Bowie while wearing just your space helmet.


Do what everyone else does, write out all of your postcards..mail them when you get home.


Don't move, don't touch anything and if you break something, know that you will be blamed mercilessly for it and shunned by society to a Gulag in a remote part of Northern Siberia (Russian Space Station only).


Access www.spacebabes.com on NASA's computer instead of doing those meaningless space experiments.


Call Martian Escort Service..hope like hell they take American Express.


Watch All of Pauly Shore's movies...try to find examples of humor, plot and a reason for making it.




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