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What if.........................


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...............there were Three Wise Women instead of Three Wise Men?

They would have asked for directions,

Arrived on time,

Helped deliver the baby,

Cleaned the stable,

Made a casserole,

Brought practical gifts and....

There would be Peace on Earth!

The Wise Men's Rebuttal....

Yeah, but do you know what they would have said when they left?

Did you see the sandals Mary was wearing with that dress?

That baby doesn't even look like Joseph!

Can you believe they let all those disgusting animals near the baby?

I heard Joseph doesn't even have a real job.

That donkey they were riding has seen better days too!

Wonder how long before we get the casserole dish back?



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Mmmmmmmm, so true...all of it! smile.gif


Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, and His love endures forever!

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