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We now have an excellent Search feature... it goes all the way back! :)


Just click on the "SEARCH" at the top (or side if your view skin lists it at the left).


I like that the word you're searching for shows up in bright red and yellow, so it's easy to find the reference to that word by quickly scanning as you scroll down.




**Only the first 1000 posts found will show.


You can search BY FORUM to downsize the search. To do that, go into the forum and *THEN* click on "SEARCH". You will be shown an option to "Search only in this forum?"



**It will not search for 3-letter words or fewer-letter words.


If, for example, you want to search for "flu"... you won't get anything. :(


Try "influenza"... you'll get some.


OR use - flu* - with the "wildcard" star. It will show up EVERYTHING that has "flu" in it, like inFLUence, FLUid, but if you search in separate forums it will be a less daunting search.



**Advanced Usage Help

(What you get when you click on through to get better help info)


Use - apple banana

Means - Find posts that contain at least one of these words


Use - +apple +juice

Means - Find posts with both words


Use - +apple -juice

Means - Find posts with 'apple' but not 'juice'


Use - apple*

Means - Find posts with 'apple' and/or 'applesauce'


Use - "Some Words"

Means - Find posts with the phrase 'some words of wisdom', 'some words' but not 'some noise words'





If you have any questions... just ask!!

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