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My two sons, David and Adam, are currently in Navy bootcamp. Adam, who is 18, graduates this Friday. David, who is 22, just shipped out for Great Lakes last Thursday. Even though they have two years of state side training ahead of them before they can be put in harm's way, I do miss them and worry about them. Sadly, trainees do get hurt or killed in accidents. I am keeping all of the young men and women who are bravely serving our country by putting their lives on the line overseas and hoping this insanity is finished long before my sons complete their training.


Thanks to everyone who has offered their support as I struggle with my 'empty nest'.

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I am leaving Thursday morning to fly to Chicago for Adam's graduation. I wouldn't think of missing it. As I told my principal, no matter what, I will be at my sons' graduations!

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Sandra, I too will add your sons to my prayer list.


You are so right, there have been many killed while training.


I am happy you will be able to go to Adam's graduation.


Our son, Jerry was in the Air Force for about 7 years then he got out then a few years later joined the Army National Guards. This is where he is at the time. I know what you are feeling.


Give your son an extra hug for me.



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