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A Day at INS with Caveman

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As most of you have figured out, Caveman is an expert at riddles, puzzles, and jokes. He's also king of board games.


One day, we had to go to INS, and we knew it would be a long wait, so we took our Backgammon game with us. The waiting room was packed...standing room only. We played game after game (I think I might have actually won one), and soon noticed that we were drawing alot of attention. Caveman asked a particularly curious Chinese woman if she would like to play. She shook her no, and indicated that she didn't know how. Caveman told her that was ok, he'd teach her. They played several games with only very basic English. Then, another person asked if they could play......and at the end of our 8 hour wait for the priviledge of a 3 minute consultation with an INS clerk, at least 6-8 immigrants knew how to play Backgammon. That's my guy!

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I don't know how many of you know this but, The Little Prince and I had the pleasure of having lunch with Mare and Caveman. They both have a gift for making others feel special.




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