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Beatles Anthology


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I just listened to the Beatles Anthology volume 1-3 and it was so good. Some of the songs you hear were made while they are in rehearsal and some of them sound completely different from the way they were recorded. You can hear them talk on some tracks. I can't remember the proper names of the songs but the "Rocky Raccoon" one is sung real slow...very nice. On the "And Your Bird Can Sing" one they are giggling all the way through it. On one song John has a sore throat and can barely sing but he tries anyway. Tries!


Anyway, if there are any Beatle fans out there it is a fantastic listen to. I even downloaded a few. Some of them are real Bloopers. I got them from the library. I'd imagine they would be expensive to buy, they are 2 disks to each set. I can highly recommend them if your library has them or can get them.

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