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We're still using Dr. Josh Axe's "shield" which I mix up. It has an ancient story behind it...read about Thieves Oil. Dr. Axe also has a free download on some oils. I especially enjoyed reading the one about the oils that Esther soaked in, and sever others he cites. We keep the mixture in a small ceramic pot on one of my candle warmers, and some mixed up in a small "roller ball bottle" that I purchased at our local health food store. We rub a bit on the inside of one forearm, then rub it in with the other inside forearm. in the morning and at bedtime. Smells wonderful!

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PS...I also mix up my own perfume, my own feminine cream, my facial cleansing scrub and my own lavender and mint face cream. I enjoy the mint after washing my face in the morning with the mint scrub, and then the lavender at bedtime after cleansing my face with Castile Lavender soap. Also mixed up some "camphor-type" scent for our bedroom's candle warmer :-)

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