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The Battle Rages On........................7-25


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How is everyone today? I just posted an awesome article about artificial sweeteners-I hope you all read it. (Can't pat myself on the back too hard, it's NOT my info, I just found it).

Brekkie was bacon!!!!

Lunch was ice cream topped with whipped cream!!! shocked.gif

Dinner will be tuna and salad.


Ginger-the cranberries are not exactly low carb, but I love 'em. They are the "craisin" type that Winco carries in bulk-sweetened, but not tooooooooooooooooo much-they are still rather tart.


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I am so glad that you are all having success. smile.gif

I agree, Midnightmom, you should either have a daily post, or each one of you make your own post and keep it up daily. smile.gif That is what we did before. smile.gif This way we are all able to see your success. Please keep us up dated on how things are going.

Just sorry that I am not, at this time, able to join you on this diet. frown.gif

Also, am glad to see you post what you have eaten each day. It will give everyone an idea, and will help others of us too. smile.gif



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