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I have had back trouble since 1973. I had surgery in 86' which only helped for a year. This week it has been hurting more every day. Well, yesterday it left town. I've had to crawl at times to get through the house. It is better today, but I think it is all of the drugs I am taking for the pain. The wife gave me 4 hours to get better before she would load me up and take me to the hospital. :(


At least I can walk semi upright without my nose dragging the ground, but it still hurts like heck. I have applied for another job and it will be just my luck they will call and I won't be able to go. They ain't gonna hire somebody that can't walk upright.


My seeds all came up except for 6 so I feel good about that, now if I can make them grow straight instead of laying over. I have one cucumber plant that is a t least 7" long already. I was hoping to get in the garden this week to spread a truck load of leaves out but it's gonna have to wait.


I have a plan made out that this year I will dehydrated more than I can. I just hope I can find what I want at a decent price because I can't grow some of it. I did find a site that sells freeze dried machines for home use, but I'm afraid to call them for a price. Here is a link if anyone wants to look.










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That thing weighs 400 lbs! Gonna be very pricy! I would gather all the friends I could think of that might want to use it too, and get them all to chip in, and then rotate use of it.


However, I wouldn't want to share. *grin*


Good luck with your back. I was in a car accident 20 year ago and still have back pain from that. Buldging disk or some such nonsense. Hurts. That what it is. Hugs.

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(((Wormie))) Sorry to hear the back left town (noticed sense of humor even thru all the pain). Will keep you in thought and prayer including for the new job. Can't believe your ground is warm enough to start planting! We usually can't put anything out until at least May. I think seedlings need a little breeze to make their stems stronger so they grow upright instead of laying down. Might try putting them on top of frig to allow just enough warmth and breeze from fan motor.

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