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My Grandma DeMoss



Today my Precious Grandma DeMoss is celebrating her 89th birthday!! I so wish that I was there to hold her in my arms and look her in the eyes and try to convey what words could never say...how much she means to me, how much I love her, how much I appreciate her.


Grandma is an amazing person and a Godly woman. The influence that she has had on my life and the lives of so many others is without measure. She was the oldest girl of a very large family and was a Daddy's girl and a devoted daughter to a frail mother who suffered from epiletic seizures in a day when not much could be done.


She was a teenage girl when the first terrible moment of her life occurred. She had stayed home from school to see about her mother who was pregnant and doing poorly while her siblings of school age went to school that fateful day in 1937. It was the day of the historic New London School Explosion. She still cries softly as she recalls the way her daddy wept as they dug through the rubble looking for the bodies of her brother and two sisters.


She was a young married woman when she faced her next tragedy. Expecting her first child she was horrified when she realized the baby had stopped moving. There was nothing to do but wait and when the baby was delivered, beautiful an precious as she was, she was still born. He heart was broken. She named the baby, which was not the norm during that time and buried her in a small casket in a country church cemetary.


She watched her husband go off to WWII and lived through the depression, raising her children up in the nurture and admontion of the Lord whom she loved so dearly. My own mother was born 6 months after my grandpa went to serve. The Red Cross delivered a telegram to him saying "You have a baby girl". He was in fox hole in Germany reading a French novel that an Army buddy had shared. He wired back "Name her Genevieve" (after the heroine in the story). And so grandma did to the protest of many family members.


Many years later, having raised her children and enjoying the benefits of an empty nest that included fishing and hunting with grandpa, she faced the unthinkable. Her oldest son had been murdered, shot and killed. His Christmas present was under her bed, never to be given.


A decade later she nursed my grandpa as his body was devastated by a terrible cancer. She mourned the loss of her best friend, lover and soul mate. She would never marry again, there could be no other.


A decade passed again before she sat at the funeral of her youngest daughter, only 43 whose life had been shortened by a terrible cancer. Her mother's eyes still seep at the thought of the children that she has lost. She still misses grandpa and always will. She has stood faithful through all of this and more. She is amazing.


She has 18 grandchildren, 45 great grands and many great greats as the family continues to grow and flourish. She is something special and I wanted to say so. She has planted seeds of love and has a giving spirit even now. She could shoot a squirrel in the eye and cook him up with rice and gravy for dinner. She has the most beautiful gray hair, her honor and glory. She was a fisherwoman that could catch anything anywhere and loved it. She refuses to wear 'men's clothes' even though her legs might get a little chilly in the winter. She knew how to go to a ditch and catch crawdads and take them home to fry them up for us a tasty lunch. She always stood up for those whom she loved and would defend you when you might not deserve defending.


She is my GRANDMA DeMOSS and I hope this is a HAPPY BIRTHDAY for her. And although she has grown old, her eyes are dimming and she seems to remember days gone by better than the present at times. She is a grand lady and I am so proud to have her in my life!! I love you Grandma!!! :wub:


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She sounds an amazing woman!! You come from good stock, Stephanie! I hope your dear Grandma had a lovely 89th birthdayand that for her 90th, you'll be there to hug her in person!

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She did have a wonderful day! One of her younger sisters and brothers came to her party and my mom made her very favorite Sour Cream Coconut Cake (drolling thinking of it) and it was a great day. When I spoke to her on the phone she was about worn out but worn out from fun and visiting and a good time! :wub:
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