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CZ 75 B (Czech it out!)



I am the proud owner of a CZ 75 B 9mm LUGAR. Can you believe it? I can hardly believe it myself! :)


There are some of you saying Wow! and Kewl! B)

There are some of you saying Huh? and What? :huh:


As for me, I'm saying :cele:


If you'd like to know what in the world I'm so excited about, Czech it out!! :happy0203:




So, why in the world would I want such a thing, some of you may be asking?

So, why in the world would you wait so long to get one others are asking?


As for me, I'm saying :cele:


MrsSurvival has a way of changing a person. You come in here looking for a canning recipe or how to store your dried beans and before you know it...you're investigating the best laying hens and trying to figure out the best goat milking methods...later still, you find yourself counting down the days until the weekend when you can strap on your new pistol and do a little target shooting.


I'm just saying. :cele:

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